Someone asked if I was going to write about my mother this week since Sunday is Mother’s Day. I wasn’t planning on it, but the question reminded me of an interesting conversation my mother and I had not long before she made her transition. My mother spent the last six years of her life with me in Florida. Although they were some of the most challenging years, they also provided some of the richest moments we had together.

One day we got on the subject of reincarnation. I think I was reading a book that talked about it. The author believed we stay in between lifetimes for a year, and then on the day after the anniversary of our death, we are born into another body. I told her I didn’t know if I believed that part, but I did believe we reincarnate. She told me she wasn’t sure about any of it, but she would let me know. I laughed and asked her how she was going to let me know. With that trademark twinkle in her eye, she quickly replied, “I’ll send you an email.”

Her comment was funny for many reasons, but mostly because my mother never sent an email in her life. She had no interest in owning a computer or learning how to communicate electronically. I think that’s why her comment stuck with me even after she laid her body aside in April of 2011.

Exactly one year later my life looked very different. I had started a new chapter and was living at a spiritual retreat center in Ojai, CA. The wonderful people that ran the center offered to build a bonfire that night to help me celebrate my mom. As we gathered around the dancing orange and yellow flames, I shared stories about her and thanked her for all the life lesson she taught me. I brought an extra copy of the handout we gave everyone at her memorial service to burn in the sacred fire. My mother loved a good campfire (and a good smoke), so it felt like the perfect way to honor her and symbolically release her on another level.

The next day I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened my email. Somehow I had gotten on a senior citizen mailing list (no comments please!) and received an advertisement for one of those scooters that assists people with mobility issues. My mother loved the little scooter that we got for her when she moved to Florida. She rode that thing everywhere. What gave me the “tinglies” and the idea that this might be a confirmation email from my mom was the image in the ad. It was a woman on a scooter with her hands outstretched in the air like a “V” for victory celebrating her freedom. This was the very same pose my mother struck in one of the last photos I took of her.

Coincidence? Maybe. I don’t know how I got on that mailing list or if that really was a message from my mom. I don’t know for sure that we reincarnate. However, I will say the same thing about that email that A Course in Miracles says about reincarnation in Question 24 in the Manual for Teachers:

Our only question should be, “Is the concept helpful?” And that depends, of course, on what it is used for. If it is used to strengthen the recognition of the eternal nature of life, it is helpful indeed.

I would be deeply honored to help you get some answers and find peace by sharing the principles of A Course in Miracles, Family Constellations, and other New Thought Teachings. We can work together in person, by phone, or via Skype. Please look around my website to learn more about my Life Coaching and Family Constellations sessions. To schedule an appointment, simply send me an email.

Until next time, keep your eyes, ears, and heart open. You never know where or how the next message may appear.

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