Like many of you, I enjoy Christmas music, but you won’t catch me singing “Let it Snow” or “White Christmas.” This former Florida boy is not a fan of cold weather and snow. I experienced plenty of both in Upstate New York during the first 21 years of my life. These days, my kind of White Christmas is a white, sandy beach next to the rolling waves of a turquoise ocean. However, this week I had a different kind of white Christmas present.

My car had not been washed in quite a while and needed a bath very badly. I opened the Yelp app on my phone and found a car wash not far from where I live that had received good reviews. When I arrived, a nice woman came out of the office to ask which service I wanted, then told me to meet her inside to pay. Once I paid, she invited me to take a seat in the very contemporary and nicely furnished waiting room.

I took a seat by the window to watch the progress of my car and didn’t notice the white cat sleeping on a chair very close to me. When another woman came into the waiting room, the cat awoke and jumped onto the bench next to her. This sudden action startled both of us. The woman reluctantly pet the cat a few times and then it made its way over to the man sitting next to her. He was busy looking at his phone and the cat made itself right at home on his lap before he knew what was happening. There was an awkward expression on his face as he told us that he was allergic to cats but apparently was too kind to push it away.

I tried to assist this man by making the universal cat attention-getting sound “psss psss psss psss.” I also rubbed my fingers together near the ground hoping the cat would come to me. Anyone who knows cats knows this was probably a lesson in futility. Most cats only do what they want to do when they want to do it. To my surprise, this sweet kitty looked me in the eyes, jumped off the man’s lap, and walked right over to me. It immediately began rubbing its face on my legs and allowed me to stroke its head and body.

The accompanying photos tell the rest of the story. Before I knew it, this little white ball of fur jumped up onto my lap, nuzzled my nose, cuddled up next to me, and fell asleep. I couldn’t believe how fast this all happened. What struck me most was the love and implicit trust this cat showed me in less than five minutes. To me, this is what A Course in Miracles describes as “a holy instant,” and it was a Christmas gift I won’t soon forget. 

The car washers finished cleaning and drying my car much too quickly. I carefully lifted my new friend off my lap and placed her back on the chair where she started. I gave her a gentle rub behind the ears and thanked her for the gift she gave me. I will definitely go back to Aqua Hand Car Wash on Montrose Avenue in Houston. Not only did they do a great job of washing my car, one particularly tiny team member touched my heart. This year I might actually be dreaming of a White Christmas or at least a white Christmas gift.

May your Holiday Season be filled with Holy Instants!



“Can you imagine what it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time?”

Chapter 15 – “The Holy Instant” from A Course in Miracles

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