One of the most helpful things that I ever heard at A Course in Miracles discussion group is the mantra of the ego, “Seek but do not find.” The ego loves it when we are constantly in search of something, because then we are not content or at peace in the present moment. That way it’s survival is ensured.  Gratefully we have the Voice of Love reminding us that we already have everything right here and now.  We can just breathe and know the frantic search is simply a distraction, and we can let it go whenever we choose.  Aaaaaaahhhhhhh.

“Remember always that you see what you seek, for what you seek you will find.  The ego finds what it seeks, and only that.  It does not find love, for that is not what it is seeking.”  Chapter 12 Sec VII “Looking Within” p. 230

 And for you Law of Attraction folks, the Course also says right before that…

​​ “You see what you expect, and you expect what you invite.  Your perception is the result of your invitation, coming to you as you sent for it.”  

So send out the invitations with “LOVE” stamps. And then relax and let the guests arrive with love in their hearts. As long as we are stuck in searching mode, we will never be content in the present moment. And that’s where the good stuff is. That’s where Peace, Love, and Joy abide.

In Love, Light, and Oneness,


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