I was meditating at Bridges of Wellness last Wednesday just prior to facilitating “The Mystic in You.” I had an amazing vision of rising up on a cloud to a luminescent temple in the sky.  The masonry of this temple was glowing with a golden-white light.  As I walked down a column-lined corridor in the expansive main chamber, I noticed angels hovering on each side watching me make my way toward the altar.  It felt like I was on my way to meet God.

​It occurred to me that this was an old belief system that my Source was somewhere outside of myself; a destination to be reached.  In that moment, a brilliant burst of light emanated from my heart space and all the angels began circling me.  The temple was filled with light and all of the angels had huge smiles on their faces.  I got the impression that they had just played a practical joke on me.  “Indeed the light is within, John, not somewhere outside of you!”  As they were laughing, one by one, a similar burst of light exploded from each of their heart centers. This was to remind me that we all carry that light within.  When we remember this, we remember where our power truly is.

With Prayerful Power,


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