“ I am responsible for what I see.  I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.  And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.”  ~ A Course in Miracles

​I read this powerful prayer from A Course in Miracles the other day.  They certainly describe my experience on the road this past summer with Dr. Charles Geddes, the Spiritual Director of Bridges of Wellness.  Each morning before we started our day, we took a few moments to pray.  We “pre-prayed” the way of our journey by clearly stating our intentions.  We wanted to  experience and share peace, love, and joy wherever we went.  We asked to be that Presence.  We stated our desire for Presence to be revealed as Mother Nature’s beauty all along the drive through the Grand Tetons and at Yellowstone National Park.  We included prayers of protection for all of the participants and speakers of the Big Sky Retreat, that they may arrive safely.  We prayed that during the retreat each of us would experience profound transformation.  We expressed our knowing that every word, every hug, every moment of the retreat would assist us in remembering who we truly are…that Divine Light.

I am happy to report that it worked!  Mother Nature did indeed reveal her beauty along the way, especially at Yellowstone.  After a magnificent day of hiking, close encounters with buffalo, and breathtaking vistas, Charles and I decided to call it a day and leave the park as the sun was setting.  Just a few miles from the west exit we noticed something drawing quite a crowd of spectators.  It was two elk locking antlers in a golden meadow on the other side of Snake River.  Charles and I joined the crowd at the perfect moment.  The elk continued their show, all the while moving closer and closer to where we were standing.  Their sparring was very gentle, and occasionally the elk would stop to eat and drink peacefully together.  At one point, to our amazement, the elk paused in the golden sunlight directly across the river from us just long enough to pose for this picture.  I snapped the picture right before the elk entered the water together and waded down the river into the sunset.

Our journey was filled with “wow” moments like this.  The Big Sky Retreat was one big “WOW!”  I felt that Presence more times than I could count.  My eyes filled with tears of gratitude during prayerful moments and tears of joy as we sang songs of remembrance together.  Yes, I definitely received as I had asked.  Be mindful of what you are asking for, and if you are not happy with what you are receiving, know that you can ask for something else.

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