As I sat in my car last Monday, trapped in gridlock traffic due to an accident that closed 95 South, I was anything but peaceful when I saw smoke swirling out from under my hood.  That’s when I noticed the needle on my temperature gauge was way past the red H.  Not only was I surrounded by a sea of cars inching along the highway preventing me from getting to an off ramp, due to construction there was no shoulder to pull off onto either.  I felt trapped and helpless.

That’s when I started repeating my lesson for the day from A Course in Miracles over and over again, “God is the light in which I see.” (Lesson 44) After a few minutes of chanting this, I had the thought to reach out for prayer support from some friends via text message. During the next seconds, minutes, hours, and days, guidance on what to do next kept showing up in many different forms.  The first one was a text message from my friend Sara saying “TURN ON YOUR HEAT.” Apparently that draws heat into your car and away from your engine so it can cool off.  I’m happy to share this tidbit with all of you in case you’re ever in a similar situation. It works!

As the needle on my temperature gauge started to go down, so did my anxiety level. I felt protected and watched over.  Little by little I was able to let go of fearful thoughts about my situation and began choosing loving ones instead.  I remembered that everything is always happening for my greatest good, despite outward appearances. Even this!  For months I had been feeling like it was time to stop investing money into a 10 year old car with 170,000 miles, but I did not see how or when I could get a new one.  That was my limited perspective.  In 6 days I went from needing $1,200 to repair my car, to driving a brand new car with a check for $2,000 on its way to me from the dealership.

I want to emphasize that the miracle is NOT the fact that I got a new car, although I am incredibly grateful and appreciative. The real miracle is when I shifted my perspective from fear to Love.  When I did that, my nightmare started turning into a happy dream.  It would take another 2 pages to tell you all the synchronicities and signs that showed up leading me to a happy outcome.  However, what happened in the outside world didn’t really matter because I had already found the ultimate reward… Inner Peace.

Is there something in your life that’s trying to take away your inner peace? Maybe now is the time to sign up for The Pathway to Peace, an 8 week coaching program I offer based on the principles of A Course in Miracles.  Or maybe you’ll decide to come to Bridges of Wellness this Saturday, January 31 for our Spiritual Wellness Fair to receive some healing and to find out what’s going on at this beautiful “place to belong.”  Are you ready to reprogram your default setting from fear to Love?  Join one of the Family Constellation workshops in February titled “Transform Your Relationship with Love!”

Until next time, may you see the blessings in every event of your life…


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