Have you ever been playing a video game that starts going very badly or working on your computer when it suddenly freezes?  Sometimes the only option is to hit the reset button and start fresh.  In life we need to do this too.  Over the past few months I found myself caught in a pattern of going to bed later and then sleeping later than I liked.  I had also been scheduling too much in a day so there was not much breathing room in between appointments.  Thankfully this pattern was broken this weekend. It started with an early morning flight on Friday forcing my sleeping schedule to shift.

I was invited to a place in Virginia called Serenity Farm to facilitate two Family Constellations workshops.  To say this farm lived up to its name would be an understatement.  It had endless fields of green grass, swaying trees, plenty of shaded benches for conversation or contemplation, a meditation garden with all sorts of colorful flowers and an angel statue, a path cutting through tall pine trees leading down to the peaceful pond you see in the picture, a magnificent main house with a library and sunlit breakfast nook, and an adorable smaller house with a healing room and screened in porch.

That porch served as the perfect place to do Family Constellations. Many gathered to be healed by that sacred land and to break free of patterns that were no longer serving them. Birds chirped in the background and cool spring breezes wafted through the screens as if on cue carrying away old belief systems.  Both sessions were unique and magical.  As with all constellations, there is more healing going on than meets the eye, and looking back I see this was also true for me the moment I landed in Virginia.

My hostess was unable to pick me up at the airport as planned, so she sent a dear friend (who happened to be another massage therapist) in her place.  She described her friend and the vehicle she would be driving, and also let me know her friend would arrive about 15 minutes after I landed.  She apologized for not being able to meet me herself and I told her not to worry.  It would all be just fine.  That was more true than I realized.  I literally whisked my bag off the baggage claim conveyor belt, pulled off the sticker, and walked through one of the exit doors just as the vehicle my hostess described pulled up to that very exit!  No need to call or text.  We found each other by Divine Appointment.

Engaged in a delightful conversation, the hour ride from the airport to Serenity Farm flew by.  When we arrived we were greeted by another of my hostess’s friends who was there to show me around and welcome me to the farm.  It turns out she is a healer as well.  Over the next 24 hours we discovered how very much alike we are despite our very different backgrounds.  I knew we were soul siblings when we hopped in her car to drive to Whole Foods and the soothing voice of Krishna Das began chanting out of her car speakers.  Later that evening the woman who picked me up returned and the 3 of us had the most amazing time in the healing room taking turns playing my crystal singing bowl on each other and administering some healing touch.  After being crunched in an airplane, my whole upper spine surrendered with several loud cracks back into alignment.  All three of us floated out of that little house.  Another Divine Appointment.

My eldest sister drove down to see me from Maryland on Saturday, and we had some wonderful one-on-one time after the workshop.  We chatted on the dock by the pond as the sun went down, and shared stories in the library until we were all caught up before going to bed.  Another Divine Appointment. I awoke the next morning to the sound of geese flying home after a long winter.  What a wonderful alarm clock!  Like the geese, my sister had to return home that morning, so after Sunday’s workshop, I found myself alone in that breathtaking beauty.  

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my hostess was not able to return home that day.  Mother Nature was my companion for the evening. I walked around barefoot in the grass, and then reclined in it to watch the clouds roll by overhead.  I visited the pond one last time to hear the frog symphony.  As I returned to the house I was treated to a light show of twinkling fireflies in the meadow as night fell.  And yes, at one point I even stopped to smell the roses by the swimming pool.  When I think of all the things that had to line up in order for my reset button to be hit in such a profound way, I know there must be a plan greater than mine at work.  And for that I am grateful.

Do you need to hit the reset button? Make time today to just BE in Mother Nature.  Five minutes will do if that’s all you have.  Apparently my case was a little more extreme.  Another great way to hit the reset button is with Family Constellations and Life Coaching.  Please visit my website for more information about both.  Perhaps we have a Divine Appointment?

Wishing you blessings of Serenity today and every day…

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