My Cup Runneth Over


My cup definitely runneth over.  Right on the tail of the Big Sky Retreat, I attended the Hay House “I Can Do It” Conference in Orlando this past weekend.  It made my heart smile to see over 1,500 people choosing to spend their weekend listening to ways to become the best versions of themselves they can be in order to continue spreading love and light in the world.  After a beautiful tribute to Wayne Dyer on Friday evening, the next two days were filled with some of the most influential and well known authors and speakers in the New Thought movement.  I always enjoy the love that radiates from Dr. Brian Weiss, who made past-life regression therapy a household word after his groundbreaking book, Many Lives, Many Masters.  (Well, at least in the households I visit!)  Robert Holden reminded us of Louise Hay’s famous quote, “Life Loves You!” and shared some of the principles of A Course in Miracles in a fun and accessible way.  He is hilarious and vibrant.  Caroline Myss gave a great talk full of her signature tough love remarks like this one: “Are you still complaining about your life?  STOP IT!  Nobody appreciates it.”  She is as funny as she is direct.

I also enjoyed the many break out workshops during the weekend.  Some of the presenters were new to me.  Mike Robbins, a former pitcher for the Kansas City Royals, gave a spectacular talk on how we can’t get to “courage” without passing through “vulnerability,” which is actually strength, not weakness.  I loved that he played a track from my new friend, Karen Drucker, in one of his exercises.  Not only was I thrilled to hear Karen sing live at the Big Sky Retreat, I had the pleasure of getting to know her personally as well.  If you don’t know Karen’s music, click on her name to visit her website.  It is a gift you will give yourself from Source.  I have been an admirer of Kyle Gray’s work since I first heard him speak in the Hay House Worldwide Summit three years ago.  Now Kyle blends his vision of angels with his studies of A Course in Miracles.  I resonated with every word he said during his talk titled “The Wings of Forgiveness.”   I agree.  “Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.” The only thing I knew about Radleigh Valentine was that he created the Angel Tarot card deck with Doreen Virtue.  When selecting workshops, I was guided to attend his talk on “Living a Magical Life!”  I’m so glad I did!  He is a shining example of what’s possible when we embody our authentic selves.  He truly is living a magical life, and I loved his simple reminder to “ask and then listen” for guidance.  It is always available.

As wonderful as these speakers are, I have to admit the best part of the conference was the beautiful heart connections I made throughout the weekend.  It was a blessing to get some long overdue quality time with my beloved friend Adrian, who changed the course of my life when he introduced me to Dr. Charles Geddes at Bridges of Wellness two years ago.  It was great to spend some time outside of work with Steven, another Bridges Board Member.  I adore Steven.  He makes me laugh like no other.  I was also grateful to reconnect with my friends Ryan and Meagan, who I hadn’t seen since their move to Michigan two years ago.  Even though they don’t live in Florida anymore, they continue to be a constant source of strength and support for me.  They were the catalyst for me to claim my role of “minister” when they asked me to perform their wedding ceremony.  They will always have a special place in my heart.

Then there were the new friends I met at the conference.  What a joy to dance the “carwash” with Lisa and Sheylla at Sonia Choquette’s lively workshop!  I’m so glad they walked by at the exact moment I was asking how to get to room W224!  Meeting Lori and Elizabeth in line to see Radleigh Valentine was a Divine Blessing.  They shared exactly the words I needed to hear on the day I was planning to visit a dear friend in Orlando who is experiencing some extreme life challenges.  Then there was Dana, who touched my heart with her ability to be vulnerable and her devotion to her family.  Look for her book, Through Thick and Thin : Facing Obesity Through the Eyes of a Loved One out soon.  I know it’s going to impact many lives for the better.  Last and certainly not least, I have to mention Carrie and Kimberly, whom I met only briefly after the Denise Linn past-life regression workshop.  We made eye contact for just a moment when Denise asked us to break out into small groups.  We didn’t end up in the same group, but I instantly felt a soul connection with these two.  I’m so glad I asked them for hugs before we left because we ended up having a marvelous conversation.  They are both doing incredible work in their fields, and I’m honored to know and stay connected with both of them.  

I have to say it again.  My cup truly runneth over.  Now is a great time to contact me to schedule a Life Coaching or private Family Constellations session.  My heart is overflowing with love to share.  It is amazing to see what is possible when my walls are down and my heart is wide open.  It might seem dangerous to walk around like that in every day life, but I assure you, the miracles that will happen as a result will be well worth the risk.  Have a blessed and vulnerable week!

A-MAZE-ing Grace


I just returned from two weeks of traveling in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. Yellowstone National Park and Big Sky, Montana lend themselves very well to feelings of expansiveness, and that is exactly how I feel. E X P A N D E D ! I also credit this feeling to Jean Houston, Mary Morrissey, and all of the attendees and presenters at the 40th Annual Big Sky Retreat, the longest running metaphysical retreat in the world. I was honored to facilitate two Family Constellations workshops at this year’s retreat and see myself expand into leading groups of over 50 participants. The positive feedback and love I received from people who attended my workshops is something I shall never forget. I feel so blessed to be doing this work. My heart is full and overflowing.

So many miracles occurred before, during, and after the retreat that I’m sure I will be integrating and writing about it for a few weeks. One of my biggest takeaways from the retreat was a story shared by Mary Morrissey during one of her talks. She told us about a recent visit to a restaurant with her young granddaughter. The hostess gave her granddaughter a kid’s menu that had puzzles and games on the back, and some crayons to keep her entertained. Mary noticed a maze among the puzzles. Apparently her granddaughter loves mazes, and she commented to her granddaughter that she would probably be able to do this one very quickly. Little did she know how true that was. Mary glanced over at her grown up menu, and when she looked back at her granddaughter a moment later, she had already completed the maze! Stunned, Mary asked her how in the world she did it so quickly. “It’s much easier if you start where you want to end up, Grandma.” Ah, the wisdom of children.

Yes. We need to imagine ourselves already having attained our dreams, and then from that feeling and vision, work backwards to get there. If our dreams are for ourselves and the greater good, we only have to know “the what.” The Universe, God, Divine Presence, Great Spirit, whatever we call that loving energy that is continuously pulling us forward, will take care of “the how.” My trip to Big Sky proved this to me. I didn’t know where the extra money for travel expenses was going to come from, but I had no doubt I was supposed to be at the Big Sky Retreat again this year. Even before I arrived, I started getting requests for one-on-one Family Constellations sessions from attendees who had experienced my work last year. Before I knew it, I had more requests for private sessions than I could accommodate during the five days of the retreat. Thank you to all of those beautiful souls who honored me with your trust and your abundance. I received more than enough to cover all of those extra expenses. It was a great reminder to surrender, trust, and not let fear or current circumstances dictate what’s possible.

The metaphor of coming down from 7,500 feet from Big Sky to earth is not lost on me. I know it is my job (and my great joy!) to share the love, the feeling of expansiveness, and the tools I received with my friends, family, and clients. Now is a great time to contact me to schedule a private Family Constellations session, Life Coaching session, or a combination of both! They can be done in person or over the phone. Visit my website for more information and some testimonials from those who have done it. Don’t let your current conditions convince you that you are stuck permanently. Grace is always shining down on you, just like in this photo taken at Ousel Falls in Big Sky, MT. Imagine where you want to be, and let the graceful, “grace-filled” waters of life carry you there.