Your Peaceful Presence


This past weekend was a great opportunity for me to remember to stay in the present moment. Somehow I ended up with a lot more events on my calendar than usual. Some people thrive on being super busy and running from one activity to the next (or at least they think they do). I’m not one of them. When I thought of all the things I said “yes” to as the weekend approached, it was a bit overwhelming. Thank goodness I have been studying A Course in Miracles long enough to know that when I’m not feeling peaceful it’s because my thoughts are either in the past or the future. The key to feeling peaceful is to stay in the present moment. When I broke my weekend down into each individual activity, and did my best to focus my attention on where I was in the moment, it felt much more manageable and peace returned.

There’s another tool I use to help stay in the present moment every time I get in my car. Before pulling out of my parking space, I take a deep breath and then let it out slowly. It’s a great way to center myself before getting on the road. It also forces me to slow down so that my daily activities don’t blend together into one hurried mess. I invite you to try it and see how it feels! I also use a practice that I learned from another A Course in Miracles facilitator. Before she goes anywhere, she imagines sending Love on ahead to her destination so it’s waiting there for her when she arrives. You can imagine sending a stream of pink hearts, see the location bathed in beautiful light, or imagine how good it will feel and how kind everyone will be when you arrive. It might sound hokey, but I truly believe in the power of our thoughts. There’s only one way to see if it works for you.

These tools helped me to be the presence of peace for the bride and groom at the rehearsal and wedding I officiated this weekend. They allowed me to contribute some inspired ideas at the board meeting at Bridges of Wellness where exciting things are unfolding. They even allowed me to let go of worrying where everyone was going to sit at the Easter service at Unity of Pompano Beach. After hearing me rave about the ministers, the music, and how much Love is present in this spiritual community, several of my friends decided to give it a try this Sunday. I thought about trying to save seats for all of them, but since I was barely going to make it there myself before the 11 o’clock service began, I took a deep breath, I sent Love on ahead, and I asked my angels to take care of the seating. It worked! Not all of us were able to sit together, but no one sat alone and we all had a chance to visit after the service. My busy weekend ended with a great visit and meal with my brother and nephews who were in town from Maryland, and some quality time at the beach with a dear friend watching the waves roll in under a spectacular orange moon. Oh. I forgot to mention that I arrived early to the Seth Glier concert a friend invited me to on Saturday night. I don’t know who was more surprised, him or me! Even as I write about all of the activities of this weekend I’m a bit amazed that everything went so smoothly. That truly is a testament to the power of being in the present moment.

Could you use some help staying in the present moment? Are events from your past pulling you back there, or concerns about the future taking away your peace? Now is a great time to try a four, six, or eight week Life Coaching program, schedule a private Family Constellations session, or attend an upcoming workshop. You will be amazed at how quickly transformation can happen with just a little help. Please visit my website for more information about these tools. While you’re there, check out some of the free videos for more tools like the ones I mentioned above.

Until next time, remember that your Presence is your Power, and it’s also where Peace resides…

Are You Really Ready for a Miracle?


“Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.”

This is one of my favorite statements about miracles from A Course in Miracles. Many of us are so caught up in the frenzy of the “real world” that we miss the miracles. Those are the moments in life where we have the opportunity to shift from a fearful way of looking at things to a loving way. If you want evidence that the world is a scary place, you don’t have to look far. However, if you are looking for evidence that the world is a loving place, you don’t have to look far either. I prefer looking for signs and messages like this. People may say I’m making things up or that my head is always in the clouds, but I don’t mind. Life is a lot more joyful and amazing when I’m looking for miracles. 

Just last week I was feeling a little disconnected and sad as I headed to the beach for my power walk. During my walk, not only did I find a white feather, but also a metal angel wing from a necklace or keychain. Some might say it’s just coincidence that a little girl lost her angel wing charm and an egret lost a white feather on the same day I was feeling blue. I like to think it was my guardian angels giving me signs that they are watching over me. If it shifted my thoughts from fear and sadness to love and joy, why wouldn’t I think that? What really got my attention was the picture of the clouds I took right before my walk. While doing my stretches, I noticed an interesting line left by an airplane cutting through the clouds. It made a cool pattern so I snapped a picture. When I looked at the image later, what jumped out at me was the shape of a large angel holding a sword. Just the day before on “Magical Things with Radleigh Valentine,” Radleigh did a break down of the fifteen archangels that he works with.  He talked about perhaps the most famous of these, Archangel Michael, and how Michael cuts the chords that tie us to people, places, or things that are no longer serving us if we ask him to. I found this to be a very powerful image, and it gave me comfort.

I debated whether to post these photos on social media, knowing that some would make fun of them or think I’m a bit weird. I was right. Some did. But one person whom I have never met posted a message of gratitude telling me the images and messages were exactly what she needed in that moment. Knowing that I was the miracle messenger made my day. I truly believe the Voice of Love is giving us messages and guidance all through the day in a variety of ways. It could be a shape in the clouds, the lyrics to a song on the radio, or a woman from Long Island with big hair, a fierce manicure, and the ability to deliver messages from the other side. That Voice will communicate with you in whatever way is peaceful and meaningful to you, but you have to be listening and looking for it. How do you know it’s that Voice or guidance from your higher self? Simple. You will feel better. You will shift from a fearful way of looking at something to a loving way, and that is a miracle!

Are you ready for a miracle? I’d love to help you experience one through Life Coaching or Family Constellations. Both are excellent ways to tune into the Voice of Love and tune out the voice of fear. I base all of my programs on the strong principles of A Course in Miracles, the spiritual teaching that has changed my life and helped me experience more miracles than I could ever count. Please visit my website for more information about upcoming Family Constellations workshops or to schedule a private Life Coaching or Family Constellations session by phone or in person.

Until next time, keep your eyes, ears, and heart open to receive those messages and miracles! 

My Mother’s St. Patrick’s Day Blessing

It’s hard for me to believe almost five years has passed since my mom made her transition. I was reminded this week during our Miracle Monday group of a beautiful blessing she gave me just a few weeks before she died. My mom had a sweet tooth (which I inherited), so on Saint Patrick’s Day that year I brought her some cupcakes decorated with shamrocks and green icing. There wasn’t much life force in my mom by then. She slept a lot and conversations were limited. I don’t think she even had the energy to take a few bites of a cupcake that day, which spoke volumes of her condition. When she fell asleep that afternoon, I remember getting in bed next to her, putting my hands on her back to send her healing energy, and repeating these phrases from A Course in Miracles over and over again in my mind.

“You are not a body. You are free. You are still as God created you. You are pure Spirit, innocent and whole. All is forgiven and released.”

Imagine my surprise when, after about fifteen minutes, my mother suddenly sat right up in bed and asked, “What do you call that, honey?” She seemed wide awake and more coherent than I had seen her in weeks! Still a little stunned, I told her that I was just doing a little energy healing and prayer for her. What came out of her mouth next surprised me even more. “Thank you, honey. What can I do for you?” I assure you, this was a question I had not heard in a very long time. As my mother’s world shrank along with her life force, her needs grew more and more. Understandably, it was mostly about what I could do for her at that point.

I took this question to my heart, and then the inspiration came. I knew what she could do for me. I told her to let me know when she was ready to go, and if she wanted me to be there with her I would be. I also told her if she’d rather be alone, that was fine too. I just wanted her to know that it was okay to lay her body aside whenever she was ready, and to do it however felt best for her. She looked me in the eyes and simply said “okay” before lying back down to resume her restful state. I’m sure I looked around the room for the candid camera after that happened. I couldn’t believe her clarity. Less than three weeks later, my mother took her last breath while my brother held her hand and I rubbed her feet. Not a bad way to go, don’t you think? I’d say she heard my request loud and clear. Thank you, mom, for the Saint Patrick’s Day miracle and for the blessing of allowing me to be with you when you made your grand exit.

Are you ready for a miracle, a blessing, or some clarity? Sign up for Life Coaching or a private Family Constellations session over the phone or in person. Both are great ways to shift your thoughts from fear to Love. Visit my website for more information. If you live in South Florida, I invite you to attend a Family Constellations group session. I am blessed to facilitate three every month here in Fort Lauderdale. If you don’t happen to live in South Florida, but are intrigued by the notion of a group session, I urge you to look up Family Constellations in your area and give it a try. You will be amazed at how quickly past hurts can be healed and recurring patterns can be broken with this powerful and unique experience!

Until next time, may the luck of the Irish bless you at every turn…

Remember the Magic is in the Present Moment


Yes, I’m in one of those fish costumes in the picture above. As some of you know, I was a performer in the parades at Disney World for many years. This was the 25th Anniversary Parade called “Remember the Magic,” and I do. Being a huge colorful female fish in “The Little Mermaid” section was one of my favorite things to do! Many of my friends were also fish, and we had a blast dancing with park guests at the show stops, making each other laugh, and flirting with cute dads along the parade route. Some days I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to have so much fun. Although this is now in my past, I can assure you while I was in that costume, I was definitely in the present moment.

Last week I ran across a funny cartoon on Facebook about the present moment. The cartoon depicted three booths at a spiritual fair. The booth on the left was for past life readings, the booth on the right was for future telling, and the booth in the center was for meditation. Both the left and the right booths had a line of people waiting. The woman in the meditation booth in the center had a cartoon bubble saying, “Present moment anyone?” There wasn’t a single person in her line.

Like all great comedy, this is funny because it’s based in truth. Most of us, myself included, are so preoccupied with where we want to be in the future, or haunted by memories of the past, we completely ignore the present moment. Of course, the present moment is where all the life force is. It’s where joy happens (like being a fish!). The past and future are just concepts created by the mind. I caught myself in this mindset just this week while hanging signs directing people to Bridges of Wellness for our Miracle Monday group. Last week (in the past) I forgot to take down the signs after the meeting so I had to go back later that evening to retrieve them. Mind you, this isn’t a big deal since I live less than two miles from Bridges of Wellness. Still, it was a bit annoying. I was thinking to myself how nice it will be when Bridges of Wellness is in a new location that is easy to find. Then I won’t have to hang signs. My mind traveled further into the future to think how nice it would be to have a staff that does things like prepare the space and hang up signs. I bet Oprah isn’t hanging up signs when she does an event!

That’s when it hit me. This moment may never happen again. I adore the people that gather every Monday afternoon at 1 o’clock to discuss A Course in Miracles. The love and laughter we share is truly one of the highlights of my week. I don’t know when, but I know one day my life will be different, and I won’t have the pleasure of spending this intimate time with the dozen or more miracle workers that attend every week. A wave of gratitude washed over me for those signs I was hanging in the hallway that direct people to Suite 244 at the end of the hall. It’s because of these signs that new people find their way to our group. My joy is magnified each time a participant shares a miracle story on how these teachings have transformed their life. Yes. I will do my best to stay right here in the present moment where that joy can be felt.

Are you having a hard time letting go of something that happened in the past? Maybe it’s the future that frightens you? If so, now is a great time to sign up for Life Coaching, attend a Family Constellations workshop, or schedule a private session. All will give you tools to move forward with confidence and strength. Please visit my website to read or watch some of the testimonials from others whose lives have been transformed. It can happen for you too!

Until next time, remember the magic is in the present moment!

My Crazy Wayne Dyer Connection


Truth be told, I was not all that impressed the first time I heard Wayne Dyer speak at the Hay House “I Can Do It” Conference in Tampa back in 2010. Most of what he shared was right from A Course in Miracles, yet I didn’t resonate with the way he presented it. That’s okay. I understand we all have different styles of teaching and learning, which is why we need lots of different teachers and messengers. However, when I ended up with his name on a piece of paper during a Constellations workshop last year, I didn’t feel comfortable repeating the sentence the facilitator was coaching me to say. She wanted me to say something like, “I aspire to be a spiritual teacher like Wayne Dyer.” I resisted saying this because after my experience in Tampa, I knew this wasn’t true, even though he and I teach many of the same principles. I am so grateful that the other facilitator stepped in and offered this sentence that I could say with ease. “I aspire to be a spiritual teacher that, like Wayne Dyer, influences many, many people.” 

I found it very ironic (yet strangely appropriate) to be at the tribute to Wayne Dyer last September at the Hay House “I Can Do It” Conference in Orlando. Dr. Dyer made his transition just weeks before he was scheduled to be the opening presenter. It was a beautiful tribute, and I learned a lot about him that night. It was the first time I heard the story of his visit to his father’s grave in Biloxi, Mississippi on August 30, 1974. In a video clip, Dr. Dyer described what happened that day and how that moment of forgiveness changed his entire life. After that event, he traveled to Fort Lauderdale, FL, checked into a beach hotel, and wrote Your Erroneous Zones in fourteen days. That book launched his career as a self-help guru. In recent years, he produced a movie with Hay House about that time in his life called “My Greatest Teacher.” That’s when the similarities became too numerous to ignore.

I currently live in Fort Lauderdale, FL and am writing my first book to share with the world what I’ve learned so far. Much of the book is about my journey of forgiveness with my mother.  I believe we got to that place of unconditional love right before she made her transition in 2011. Even though the book isn’t finished, I felt inspired to start sharing our story a few years ago in a talk with the same name as the last chapter, “My Mother My Master Teacher.” Perhaps Dr. Dyer and I had more in common than I was aware of, but that’s not the end of the similarities.

At the tribute, many spoke about his book I Can See Clearly Now, the memoir he wrote just over two years ago. When Hay House offered the Kindle version for only $1.99 last  September, I decided to purchase it. I’m so glad I did. The book is full of interesting stories and synchronicities as Dr. Dyer shares how his life unfolded in miraculous ways, much like mine has. One story in particular about Mother Teresa got my attention. Dr. Dyer described the feeling he had in her presence as being like a warm shower running inside of him. He went on to say that he often calls this feeling “the tinglies.” I couldn’t believe it! I use the same word to describe that tingling sensation that passes through my body when Spirit is trying to get my attention to let me know I am in alignment with my highest good. I talk about “the tinglies” in the introduction to my book. This blew my mind.

Not surprisingly, during this time I received Karen Drucker’s latest CD, “Joy in Our Hearts.” It’s another beautiful collection of uplifting songs. On the second track Karen sings, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I instantly thought, “Wow! What a great summation of Family Constellations! I think I will use that quote on my new promotional postcards.” I had to laugh when I found out it was one of Wayne Dyer’s most famous quotes. It seems very fitting that a quote from the man I was so resistant to appears next to my picture on my promotional postcard. Indeed, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Today I feel a kinship with him, and I graciously accept his assistance from where he is now to help spread the message of Love and Oneness!

Would you like some assistance in experiencing more Peace, Love, and Joy in your life? Family Constellations will blow your mind and help you see things differently. Come to an upcoming workshop or schedule a private session. Life Coaching is another great tool to shift your perception from fear to Love. I offer individual sessions and four, six, and eight week packages based on the strong principles of A Course in Miracles. They will help you get unstuck and moving forward again. Please visit my website for more information or contact me directly with specific questions. 

Until next time, be open to seeing things differently. You might make a new friend or ally!