Virginia Really is for Lovers!

I just came back from a wonderful trip to Richmond, Virginia. They say “Virginia is for Lovers” and I believe it’s true. There is an abundance of loving people there. Not only did I receive Love from the friends I made during last year’s visit, I also felt a warm, loving welcome from the community at Unity of Bon Air and all those that attended my Family Constellations Workshops. If you are in the Richmond area, do yourself a favor and visit this amazing spiritual community. I returned home with an overflowing heart.

On Sunday, I had the honor of being the Guest Speaker at Unity of Bon Air for both the 9 and 11 AM services. On the drive to the church, my ego started chattering that perhaps the meditation I planned to share was too “woo woo” for this audience. During this meditation, I guide listeners through a process of letting go of heavy thoughts until eventually they float up to the clouds and dance with angels. As we approached the church, my concerns melted away. There, directly in front of the Unity of Bon Air sign, stood a beautiful angel statue glowing in the morning light. I’m pretty sure she was there to tell me it was okay to mention angels during the meditation. But just in case I missed it, at least a dozen more angel statues were waiting for me when I took a stroll through the spectacular meditation garden behind the church. If any doubts still remained, inside the church, three gorgeous angel paintings adorned the wall leading to the sanctuary. Yes, I was pretty sure this audience would be fine with the image of dancing angels.

Since this was my first time speaking at a church, I was understandably a bit nervous. From the moment I walked into the building I could feel the presence of Love and my fears began to dissipate. Happy music greeted me from the sanctuary where the music team was rehearsing. My lovely host, Gail, brought me in to meet them and to show me where I would be speaking. Imagine my delight to hear the choir singing “I’m Looking for a Miracle!” I certainly didn’t have to look far for one! In between the two services I had the chance to speak with the Music Director, the remarkably talented Claudia Carawan. I told her how perfect her song selections were and assumed she knew that I was A Course in Miracles student. Apparently Claudia is as intuitive as she is talented because she did not know! (I encourage you to visit her website and check out her music. Her voice and lyrics will make your heart smile.)  

It truly was amazing to see how many things Spirit arranged to help me feel at home and at peace. The angels. The miracle song. The wonderful people I met before the service. Even the walls in the sanctuary made me feel at home. They were the same color as the walls at Bridges of Wellness in Fort Lauderdale where I lead workshops and classes. In her opening remarks, Rev. Joyce Fisher Pearce spoke about seeing a production of The Lion King the day before, and how much she loved it. I had to laugh because when I worked at Disney World, I operated puppets in many different parades and shows based on the The Lion King. The Circle of Life was still circling!

After more beautiful music, it was time for me to share the meditation and the message for the first service. I was amazed at how easily the words flowed. In fact, I was shocked when the sound technician gave me the signal that fifteen minutes had passed. The time flew by! Then it occurred to me why I felt so little fear despite this being my first time speaking at a church. Fear and Love are opposites. As the Course teaches, they represent mutually exclusive thought systems. Since my heart was full of Love, there simply wasn’t room for anything else. By the second service, my heart was bursting. I feel so blessed to have been given this experience. Now I understand more deeply that fear and Love can never co-exist. If you have one, you can’t have the other. It’s just not possible. Thank you, Virginia, and all the Lovers who live there, for this lesson and all the Love you shared so freely! I’m still glowing.

Are you having a difficult time letting go of fear and filling your heart with Love? Life Coaching and Family Constellations both give you tools to broaden your perspective and help you let go of fear. When you do this, Love naturally pours in. Please join me for an upcoming Family Constellations Workshop or schedule a private session in person or by phone. You can learn more about Family Constellations and the four, six, and eight week Life Coaching programs I offer by visiting my website.

Until next time, may your cup (and your heart) runneth over with Love so there is no room for fear…

Waiting for the Coconut to Fall


When a dear friend came to visit me in January, he commented on the beautiful palm trees growing outside my living room window. More specifically, he noticed the plethora of coconuts bursting among the fronds. With the breezy weather we had that weekend, he was sure one of those coconuts would fall before he left, but no such luck. I’ve had my eye on them ever since, just waiting for one to fall so I can send it to him. I waited and waited, but those coconuts were gravity defying! 

They reminded me of a brave coconut my mother noticed outside her home many years ago. She felt a kinship with that little coconut. It remained in its palm tree despite many tropical storms that summer. She proclaimed it was a survivor like her. Unfortunately, she made the mistake of telling that to a well-meaning neighbor who didn’t quite “get it.” The next day she found that coconut on her front porch. So much for that analogy.

When Easter arrived this year, so did a box of cookies from my sister. She still spoils me, and the box she used was the perfect size to mail a coconut! I kept that box for a few weeks, but those stubborn coconuts remained firmly in the tree. Eventually I got tired of looking at the box, so I took it to the recycle bin. Just two days later, and one day after my friend sent a text message joking that “Waiting for the Coconut to Fall” would make an excellent book title, it happened. An entire branch from that palm tree fell during a storm delivering a ripe brown coconut. 

I was so mad at myself for taking that perfectly sized box to the recycle bin. Why didn’t I hold on to it? Now I had a coconut, but no box to send it in. The coconut sat in a corner for a week. Then, on a spontaneous trip to the grocery store to buy ingredients for the most simple oatmeal cookie recipe you could imagine, a miracle happened right there in the baking aisle. A stock clerk was putting boxes of sugar packets on the shelf right next to me, and I noticed the box he had was remarkably the exact size of a coconut! It was even more perfect than the first box. He was very happy to give the box to me when it was empty. That’s when I remembered how silly it is to ever think I can make a wrong decision, or that I am lacking anything. The Universe, God, Spirit, whatever you call it, always provides, and usually much better than we can plan.

Even when I got home to make those cookies, it dawned on me how very true that statement is. The tenant who lived in my apartment before me left only two things behind; a glass casserole dish which I used to mash the bananas and mix in the oatmeal, and a cookie sheet which I used to bake them. The tools I needed were provided before I even knew I needed them! Life can be that way when I trust and allow.

Are you having trouble trusting and allowing Life to bring you what you need? Life Coaching and Family Constellations are both great ways to help you shift your perspective so things can start flowing again. Please visit my website to learn more about the four, six, or eight week Life Coaching packages I offer. We can take that journey together in person or over the phone. The same is true for a private Family Constellations session. If you are feeling frustrated waiting for that coconut, now is the time to schedule a session or sessions, or join us for an upcoming Family Constellations workshop. You will be amazed by what happens in these workshops. To hear what others who have participated in this one of a kind experience have to say, visit the Testimonials page.

Until next time, trust Life and allow that coconut to fall. It might just fall right into your lap! 

When the Magic Spell Breaks


The way my life lessons line up with other seemingly unrelated events never ceases to amaze me. Tuesday, while trying to fix the clasp on my necklace before a private constellation, the clear crystal triangle slipped off its chain and fell to the tile floor below. As you can imagine, it was not a happy landing. I loved wearing that necklace during Family ConstellationsLife Coaching sessions, or anytime I wanted a little extra clarity. It’s not that I thought the necklace had special healing powers, although it did come from John of God, a well known healer in Brazil. It simply was a nice reminder to stay clear and focus on the healing power of Love. Ironically, just the day before it broke, someone was admiring it and saying how pure it looked. Yes, you could say I was a little attached to that necklace, so apparently I needed another lesson in non-attachment. 

Just to make sure I wouldn’t miss the lesson, fate arranged for this Disney picture quote featuring Dumbo to be posted on FaceBook the following day. I created it two weeks ago, and it was originally scheduled to post last week. However, when I was guided to use a picture from Brother Bear in last week’s story, I decided two Disney pictures in one day might be too much. Not for me of course, but maybe for others. (You can take the boy out of Disney, but you can’t take the Disney out of the boy!)

Dumbo’s message is all about believing in yourself. As you may remember, he did not believe he could fly without his “magic” feather. His trusted companion, Timothy Mouse, plucked it off a crow just to give him confidence. It had no special power other than the power Dumbo gave it. Later in the movie, Dumbo finds out he can fly even without the “magic” feather. Likewise, all of my sessions went remarkably well on Tuesday without my “magic” necklace.

The subject of magic came up during our last two Miracle Monday discussion groups at Bridges of Wellness. On April 2, I had the privilege of attending a talk given by one of my favorite A Course in Miracles teachers, Gary Renard. After the talk, I asked Gary to define the word “magic” because I know the Course has a slightly different definition than the one commonly used. Gary defined it as “any illusion that takes the place of another illusion.” This whole business with the feather and the necklace brought that point home to me. True, there is nothing wrong with using things to assist us in healing, or any other endeavor. The key is to remember that the power of Love is what’s really doing the work.

Do you feel the power of Love working in your life or are you feeling stuck? Could you use some assistance in healing, moving forward, or breaking free from a pattern that no longer serves? There is nothing wrong with asking for help. In fact, I believe we are hardwired to help each other. I’m so glad I had a Life Coach to help me through some very difficult times. I invite you to visit the Life Coaching page on my website to see if a four, six, or eight week program feels right for you. I base all of my sessions on the strong principles of A Course in Miracles, and I would be honored to share what has worked for me with you. 

Another great healing tool is Family Constellations. One of my favorite things about group sessions is seeing how everyone shows up to be of service to one another and how connected everyone feels by the end of the session. You will be amazed by what happens in these workshops. I also offer private one-on-one sessions which are equally powerful. You can learn more about both on the Family Constellations page on my website.

Until next time, remember that the healing power of Love is the only magic you need!

Love is a Bridge

Life always gives us opportunities to learn things on a deeper level. At our weekly Miracle Monday discussion group of A Course in Miracles, we talk a lot about how the idea of separation is a false one, although we are having the experience that it is real. Over the last few months, three very dear friends have moved away from the area, each one leaving a little sadness in my heart. On Tuesday another friend and soul brother departed to continue his cross-country journey of teaching and healing. Although we haven’t known each other long, our connection is strong, and part of me was sad to see him go. As fate would have it, Tuesday was also the five year anniversary of my mom’s departure from the earth plane. I don’t make a big deal about this date because I know, in truth, only her physical body is no longer here. Who she really is and the love we have for each other can never die. Still, when someone we love is no longer physically present, it is natural to feel a sense of loss, and I did on Tuesday.

In 2007, when I was experiencing an extreme amount of grief over the ending of a four and a half year relationship, my Life Coach offered a wonderful metaphor to assist me. She told me there is no way around grief. We must walk through it. She compared it to walking into a dark room with one door on each side. Each day we walk into that room a little further, until one day we make it all the way through and out the door on the other side. How long that takes is as individual as each person. It may take a few months or a few years. It takes as long as it takes. It can’t be rushed, but it must be done. 

Often we try to avoid that dark room with all kinds of distractions: drugs, alcohol, food, relationships, staying busy at work. Whatever distraction we use, grief will still be waiting for us when we return. Watching my mom’s journey with alcohol showed me that. As uncomfortable as it may be, at some point we have to allow ourselves to feel those painful emotions. Don’t worry. They won’t last forever. In fact, they will actually pass through you much more quickly if you allow them to flow rather than keeping them bottled up. Go ahead. Let yourself cry if you are in a safe space to do so. Many times after that breakup, right in the middle of downward facing dog, my yoga mat would act like a sponge and soak up the tears that suddenly started leaking from my eyes. I simply let the tears flow and continued my yoga practice when they passed (and they always did).

Sometimes the sadness sneaks up on us years later. It’s okay to visit that dark room again from time to time. I was surprised by how many things reminded me of my mom this year. I think she showed up in unexpected places to remind me that she didn’t go anywhere. I’m the one that thinks I’m still here and separate. There’s a beautiful scene in the Disney animated film Brother Bear where a mama bear comes down from the Spirit Kingdom “where the light touches the mountain” to comfort her cub. I had forgotten this scene. Was it a coincidence that I watched the movie this week for the first time in years with a friend whose mother also happens to be in the Spirit Kingdom? I don’t think so. We both cried, but not so much tears of sadness as tears of joy for being reminded that even death cannot separate us. No matter how far apart or what the circumstances, Love is a bridge that can span any gap.

Are you having a hard time walking through a dark room? Whatever that dark room is for you, I know from personal experience that having a Life Coach to help guide you through it is a gift beyond measure. I would be honored to share the tools that have illumined my path with you so you can come out the other side more quickly. Family Constellations is another great way to shine a light into a dark room. It can reveal and heal something you had no idea was affecting your life today. Please join me for an upcoming group session or contact me to schedule a one-on-one session by phone or in person. You will be amazed by the transformations that occur during these sessions. To learn more about Life Coaching, Family Constellations, and A Course in Miracles please visit my website.

Until next time, may the Light of Love illuminate your path and remind you that you are never alone…