Life continues to give us what I like to call “forgiveness opportunities.” Just the other day I had one while driving through a busy intersection. The light had turned green and I was beginning to move forward when a blue pick up truck came barreling through the intersection. The driver was making a left turn so his truck was heading right for me. Luckily, I hit my brakes in time to avoid a collision. That’s when something strange happened. Instead of the usual indignation that might have followed a near miss like that, I felt a wave of compassion for that driver. In that moment, I thought about my recent error in judgment where I thought I had gotten my friend in trouble. I imagined the driver feeling just as badly as I had. Maybe he simply made an error in judgement and thought he would make it through the intersection in time. Maybe he was lost in thought and didn’t notice the light had changed. Whatever the case, I am guessing on some level he felt guilty for almost causing an accident, so I chose to send him love instead of anger. I immediately felt peace and a tingling sensation wash over my body. I have learned that when I get that tingling sensation, it is Spirit telling me, “Pay attention. This is important.” 

It was a very important lesson. When I remember to apply the teachings of A Course in Miracles to whatever is happening in my life, I feel peace. It really works! Do I always remember? No. Today, for instance, I did not have the same compassion for the man who took his sweet time crossing the street in front of me. He was walking slower than a snail’s pace while chatting on his cell phone. I know because I saw an actual snail passing him on the left. Okay. I made that part up. But it sure looked like this man slowed down right in front of my car well after the light had turned green. In that moment, I was not happy. I remembered to forgive myself for judging him a few minutes later, but there was no tingling sensation this time. Perhaps I will remember to have compassion the next time a snail crosses the street in front of me. As the Course says, 

Trials are but lessons that you failed to learn presented once again, so where you made a faulty choice before you now can make a better one, and thus escape all pain that what you chose before has brought to you.

Does it feel like you are getting the same trials over and over again? Would you like some help to make a better choice and escape the resulting pain? I base all of my Life Coaching programs on the strong principles of A Course in Miracles. Please visit my website for more information about a four, six, or eight week program to help you move forward faster than a snail. Family Constellations is another great tool to help you break free from those repeating patterns. You may be surprised to learn what is holding you back is related to your family’s history. Once you see the connection, you can choose differently. Join me for an upcoming workshop or schedule a private session in person, by phone, or via Skype.

Until next time, remember you always have the power to make another choice!

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