Waves of Contentment

It was crunch time before my trip to Montana. I had about 3.2 million things on my “to do” list in addition to my regular activities and projects, all of which were churning in my mind during my morning beach walk that day. I was thinking about the emails I needed to answer, the phone calls I needed to make, the flyers for upcoming workshops I needed to create, and the events I needed to post on Facebook and Meetup. Oh, and somewhere in there I also needed to carve out some time to work on my book. My ego was screaming at me that I would never manifest the life of my dreams if I didn’t get all that stuff done! (by 2 pm!) And then something miraculous happened.

Suddenly, I felt like Spirit clicked the light switch of awareness on in my mind and I had an expanded sense of clarity. I heard that still small voice inside say, “John, you are already living the life of your dreams right here in this moment. Look around you at the scenery. What do you see? What do you do for a living? Where are you traveling to in a few days? There’s no life to get to in the future. It’s here now.” I took these words in as a wave of contentment washed over me. I felt more peaceful than I had in a long time. The urgency of my “to do” list vanished. I followed the advice of that voice and sat down on the sea wall to observe the scene around me. I watched waves take form and recede in the beautiful turquoise water. Colorful beach umbrellas dotted the white sandy beach. I heard the sound of the ocean breeze rustling the palm fronds above me as beams of sunlight found their way through to warm my skin. I thought, “It’s true. I am living the life of my dreams right now.”
I looked at the high rise being built right across the street from where I was sitting and imagined what it would be like to live there one day. Being near the ocean brings me so much joy. I could stare at those waves rolling in for hours. I know someday I will be able to do that from the balcony of my living space, but for now, I live about 3 miles away. My ego took this opportunity to tell me all the things that need to happen before I can enjoy that experience. However, Spirit gently reminded me that there was no need to wait until some day in the future when I own an oceanside condo. There I was enjoying the surf, sand, and sun right then!

My ego chimed in, “Ok. Enough of this! You had better get home and get busy if you want more clients and more speaking engagements.” It’s true. I would love to help more people remember their magnificence. But Spirit kindly reminded me that right now I have more Life Coaching clients than I’ve ever had before. I’m also doing private Family Constellations sessions via Skype with clients all over the world. That is something I hadn’t anticipated. “But what about all those spiritual centers that have expressed interest in bringing Family Constellations to their communities, John? You’re going to miss an opportunity if you don’t contact them all right away!” My ego was using scare tactics now, trying to make me feel bad that those trips hadn’t happened yet. Ever present and loving Spirit reminded me that I had four such trips coming up before the end of the year. All is happening in Divine Time.

Have you had similar conversations in your head? According to A Course in Miracles, the ego’s motto is, “Seek, but do not find.” As long as we are in seeking mode, we will never feel peaceful and content. That is exactly what the ego wants because its very existence depends on us feeling like there is something missing, or we are not good enough as we are. Where in your life are you still seeking? Could it be more true that you already have what you think you are missing? I invite you to take a moment to look at the scenery around you. Ask that still small voice that lives in you to reveal the many ways that your are blessed. Have you already achieved something you wanted, but haven’t taken the time to appreciate it? What has shown up in your life that is even better than what you were seeking? How many things can you write down that you are grateful for in this moment?
It’s so easy to stay focused on what we don’t have. I find myself falling into that trap too. That’s why I’m so grateful for that still small voice, the voice of Love that I call Spirit. It’s always reminding me that I am enough. I have everything I need. And I need do nothing to be loved. It would be my great honor to be the voice of Love in your life if peace and contentment still seem to be eluding you. Please look around my website for more information about Life Coaching based on the strong principles of A Course in Miracles and the amazing modality known as Family Constellations. Both have changed my life, and I have no doubt they can change yours too.

One final invitation. Don’t forget to look for signs that you are on the right track. After that conversation in my head, a single white feather floated into my field of vision. I watched it swirl around in the wind near a trash can, and then it suddenly changed direction. To my surprise, it was on a collision course with my heart. I sat there in awe as that beautiful feather touched me right in the middle of my chest before landing between my feet. I choose to believe that was my guardian angel, another voice of Love, telling me I was exactly where I needed to be in that moment.

Until next time, may I remind you that you are enough. You have everything you need. You need do nothing to be loved. And you are exactly where you need to be.

Bunnies and Bison and Bears! Oh MY!

I’m glad to be home after an amazing, miracle-filled 15 days of travel with Dr. Charles Geddes. One of my favorite things about traveling with Charles (besides all the laughing) is that we begin each day with a prayer of intention. The miracles that follow are remarkable! Skies light up. Roads clear. Bears, bison, birds, and bunnies greet us. And swimsuits are 75% off! These are just some of the demonstrations of how our thoughts and intentions create our reality. You don’t have to call it prayer if that word bothers you. Simply taking a moment to be still and setting an intention before beginning any activity will produce miraculous results. I was given the opportunity to see this again during the 41st Annual Big Sky Retreat, the longest running metaphysical retreat in the world!

I’ve been facilitating Family Constellations Workshops for over 3 years now, and this was my third year doing them in Big Sky. It surprised me when I felt nervous and a bit flustered before my first presentation on Sunday. I arrived an hour early to set the sacred space, open the four directions of the Native American Medicine Wheel, and invite the ancestors in, as I do before every workshop. Despite these preparations, I still felt a bit “off.” That’s when two dear friends from the Satya Center in Ogden, UT strolled in for an impromptu visit. Rev. Ali Benjamin and her husband Michael were on their way to another workshop, but when they saw me setting up they stopped in to say hello. I’m so glad they did! Ali could tell I was not myself. Both she and Michael asked if there was anything they could do to help me. I thought about it for a moment, and then realized there was something they could do. I asked them to pray with me.
The three of us stood hand in hand as Michael began a beautiful prayer of allowance and grace before passing the word to Ali who blessed the workshop and all who would be attending. It was wonderful and exactly what I needed to come back to center. I’m happy to report the workshop was fantastic and full of healing and transformation. Ali and Michael were the answers to my unspoken prayer that afternoon. It was a great reminder of the power of prayer and intention. When we have eyes to see and ears to hear, everything we need is provided for us (sometimes even before we ask.)

Another great moment happened during my second workshop the following day. As a resolution was beginning to unfold in the constellation, I glanced out the tall picture windows of the meeting room. Big, white, fluffy snowflakes were falling outside. It was breathtakingly beautiful! That was definitely a first for me during a constellation. The synchronicities in that particular constellation were incredible. After the workshop, one participant asked me, “Does that kind of thing happen every time, John?’ I answered, “Pretty much!” It never ceases to amaze me how everything is connected and has meaning when we come together to do Family Constellations. I am very aware that there is a power much greater than me at work orchestrating it all.
That same benevolent power, whatever we choose to call it, is not limited to Family Constellations Workshops. Doing this work for as long as I have has helped me to see more clearly than ever that this force is also at play in all aspects of my life. If you’d like some assistance seeing evidence of this, now is the time to attend a Family Constellations Workshop or schedule a private session in person, by phone, or via Skype from anywhere in the world. Life Coaching will also help you gain a broader perspective and help you trust the benevolent flow of life. Please look around my new website for more information about both. You’ll save money by registering for an upcoming workshop and paying in advance too!

Until next time, remember to take a quiet moment before you begin any activity. Set an intention. Then let the Universe conspire in your favor to make it happen beyond your wildest dreams.