Leave Your Phone at Home Day!

Most of us have heard of “bring your child to work day.” I would like to start a similar tradition called “leave your phone at home day.” I inadvertently did this last Sunday and it was so incredibly freeing! I was up at 5 AM on Sunday so I could drive across the state to support my fellow Big Sky Retreat Board member and friend, Rev. Michael Gott, who was speaking at Unity of Naples. Those who know me know that this is not my preferred time of day. My mind was a little foggy when I left at 6:45, and I did not realize my phone was sitting on my dresser until I was halfway across Alligator Alley. Oops!
Surprisingly, I was not upset by this realization. My biggest concern was that I would not be able to communicate with my sister if she needed to reach me. She and her husband are vacationing near St. Petersburg, and we planned to meet at church and then have lunch together. It was about a two and a half hour drive for them, and they are not familiar with the area, but I decided to choose peace and trust that their GPS or the map apps on their smart phones would get them there just fine. They did.

Smart phones are wonderful helpers. Mine helps me to do my job in a number of ways. However, I admit it can also be a huge distraction. Text messaging, picture taking, Facebook surfing, and Instagram posting all have the ability to divert my attention from what is taking place around me. Not having my phone on Sunday forced me to be totally present to the experience, and what an experience it was. Let me just say that if you have never been to Unity of Naples, do yourself a favor and go!

Rev. Diane Scribner Clevenger is a delight. I loved her welcoming energy and powerful opening prayer. The grounds of this spiritual center are simply breathtaking. There is lush, tropical vegetation everywhere including colorful orchids nesting in some of the trees. The large sanctuary has floor to ceiling windows so you can see all of it from inside. Butterflies and dragonflies float around the campus, and a few joined me on the meditation path before the service. As I walked through the thicket of tall trees, it felt like I was in a mystical realm. The wind was strong that day. It made a wonderful sound through the leaves and trees as well as helped the wind chimes clink and clunk their happy wooden tunes. When I emerged from the trees, I casually made my way to a little white gazebo overlooking the lake behind the sanctuary. As I walked, I could hear the heavenly voice of Michael Gott as he rehearsed the songs he was going to sing that morning. As I stood in the gazebo, I was filled with gratitude for that moment, soaking in all the sights, sounds, and sensations around me. What a gift to be fully present for that.

Yes, part of me was wishing I had my phone to snap a few pictures or record a video of this magical place. There were a few more times during the service that I wished I had my phone to record a snippet of Rev. Michael singing or speaking. I wanted to post them on social media to bring awareness to this wonderful spiritual community. I considered asking my sister if I could borrow her phone, but instead allowed myself the gift of simply being present. If you would like to hear Rev. Michael’s inspiring message on Faith, you can click HERE. I had Faith that my phone was not lost but indeed sitting on my dresser waiting for me to get home later that day. It was. And I had a magical day without it!

Would you like to experience more magic and miracles in your life? Join me for an upcoming Family Constellations Workshop, or give yourself the gift of a four, six, or eight week Life Coaching Program. It would be my great honor to give you some tools to help you let go of whatever is preventing you from being in the present moment where magic and miracles live. Please look around my website for more information about both.

Until next time, try giving your phone the day off, or at least a few hours. Yes, I know we all like to be connected, but the truth is, you always are…

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