Love is One

There are pink and red hearts everywhere you look this time of year and lots of talk about love. I am going to invite you to do the same thing that Rev. Michael Gott asked the congregation to do during the opening meditation last Sunday at Unity of Houston. Recall a time in your life when you felt completely loved. It could be with a child, pet, parent, partner, or perhaps even by yourself. Sit with that memory and let yourself marinate in it for a while. Go ahead. I’ll wait… Are you smiling? If there was anything bothering you a moment ago, my guess it that you forgot about it for a few moments.

What came to my mind during this meditation surprised me. About four years ago I joined a group of volunteers from Unity on the Bay to throw an annual Christmas Party at a day care center for people with disabilities. I made a heart connection with one woman in particular that day. She didn’t speak English and my Spanish is only so so, but somehow we managed to communicate. While I was talking with her, or trying to anyway, a young man with whom I had shared pizza a little earlier walked by me. As he passed he suddenly hugged me with all his might and leaned his head into my side for a few moments. A wave of unconditional love washed over me. It felt so pure. No words were necessary. Although I barely knew this kid, I felt completely and utterly loved. I’m so grateful Spirit reminded me of this powerful experience.

There were many years that I jokingly referred to Valentine’s Day as “Black Tuesday” (or whatever day of the week the holiday happened to fall on) when I didn’t have a special someone to share it with. I know many feel sadness on this day for a variety of reasons. This memory was a beautiful example that love can come from an unimaginable number of sources if I just open my eyes and heart to it. I can get caught up in wanting it to show up in a certain way from a certain person, or I can release my hold on it and allow it to show up in unexpected ways in all of my experiences. Maybe we should leave the pink and red hearts up all year as a reminder that love is always present. I find comfort in these words from Lesson 127 from A Course in Miracles.

Perhaps you think that different kinds of love are possible. Perhaps you think there is a kind of love for this, a kind for that; a way of loving one, another way of loving still another. Love is one. It has no separate parts and no degrees; no kinds nor levels, no divergences and no distinctions. It is like itself, unchanged throughout. It never alters with a person or a circumstance. It is the Heart of God…

If you are having a difficult time feeling the presence of love, I would be honored to help you remove whatever seems to be keeping it from you. I offer four, six, and eight week Life Coaching programs based on the loving principles found in A Course in Miracles. Family Constellations is another great way to open your heart to more love. You will be amazed by what happens in these sessions. Please join me for an upcoming group session or schedule a private session in person, by phone, or Skype. You can find more information about Life Coaching and Family Constellations on my website.
Until next time, may you always remember that you reside in the very Heart of God.

P.S. Click HERE to see another example of how “Love is One” and why I chose the above photo for this blog.

Every Letter Can Be a Love Letter

That holiday is almost upon us. The one that tries to make anyone who isn’t partnered up feel like there is something missing in their life. It’s an interesting thing. Most single people are fine on February 13 and 15, but something about February 14 is different. I’d like to tell you that no matter what your relationship status, there is nothing missing. A Course in Miracles says, “Teach only love for that is what you are.” Did you know that you are love? When I remember that I am love, (and thankfully that’s more often these days) I don’t have to go looking for it. I carry it wherever I go so that’s what I encounter. Loving experiences seem to find me.

I also like to send love whenever I can. It has become a wonderful ritual for me to hold a letter close to my heart and infuse it with love before I drop it in a mailbox. My intention is that the recipient will feel a wave of love when they open the envelope. I actually picture that in my mind. I do this for bills as well as greeting cards. True, I have no way of knowing if the person that opens my rent check every month actually feels the love I send. I do know it makes me feel better, so it’s worth the extra few seconds and the funny looks at the post office.

So if you happen to catch me at the post office clutching a package or envelope to my chest, there’s no need to call 9-1-1. I’m not having a heart attack. I’m just blessing the mail. I invite you to try it for yourself and see how you feel. We can make every letter a love letter, and not just on Valentine’s Day. By the way, it works for emails too. No, I don’t rub my chest on my iMac screen. That would be weird. But I do hold one hand on my heart as I hit send with the other. Did you feel the love when you opened this? I sure hope so.

If you are having a hard time feeling love in this moment, maybe now is the time to consider a four, six, or eight week Life Coaching program. I base my sessions on the spiritual teaching that has transformed my life, A Course in Miracles. The introduction of this book says, “This course does does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance.” I would be honored to assist you in removing those blocks so you can finally claim your inheritance! For more information and to read what former clients had to say about their experience, please click HERE.

Until next time, don’t forget that you are love no matter what day it is!

Time Flies… Or Does It?

Here we are in the second month of 2017. In prior years I might have made a comment about how hard it is to believe that February is here already, or how January flew by. I’m not feeling that way this year because I decided to do things differently. I did not want to be watching Fourth of July fireworks this year and wonder where the first half of 2017 went. This year I set the intention to pay even closer attention to the events of my life as they are happening. Every so often in January I deliberately paused to look at the calendar and say to myself, “Here I am on this date in 2017.” With gratitude and appreciation, I made a mental note of where I was, who I was with, and the blessings I was receiving in that moment. There have been a lot of them so far!

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, this year started off quietly for me. I stayed in on New Year’s Eve, but on New Year’s Day I had a wonderful lunch and walk around a lake with one of my best friends. It was great to reconnect with her because we hadn’t seen each other since before Christmas. January 2 was a Monday, and following our weekly A Course in Miracles study group at Bridges of Wellness we had a fun party to celebrate one year of sharing miracles and laughter together. In mid-January I had another joy filled week in Richmond facilitating workshops and private sessions with that loving Virginia community. Virginia really is for lovers! (I’m happy to say I will be going back April 20-25.) The following weekend I had that beautiful day at Unity of Naples which I wrote about last week.
As if that weren’t enough, one of my sisters is here in Florida on vacation with her husband this month, so I have had several opportunities to spend time with them. I’m so glad she retired last year so I can see her more often! My schedule allowed me to join the Men’s Group of Unity of Pompano last week for a spectacular movie and pizza night. I enjoyed the fellowship, conversation, and pizza with these great guys. My month ended with a powerful afternoon of Family Constellations at The Center for Inner Wisdom on Sunday. We had been trying to get that on the calendar for months, and it finally happened. I continue to be humbled by the transformations and miracles that occur every time I facilitate one of these workshops. I am looking forward to doing another one there on March 5, as well as one in Ocala, FL at the OakBrook Center for Spiritual Living on February 19, and one at Bridges of Wellness in Wilton Manors on February 26.
On the last day of the month, my brother’s plans unexpectedly changed, so he arrived a day early for his yearly escape from the cold weather up north. That meant three of the Moore siblings were in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the same time. We took advantage of that opportunity and had some quality time together after my coaching appointments on Tuesday evening. It was a great ending to a great month.

In the past, all of that activity might have felt overwhelming. If I hadn’t consciously taken a moment once in a while to notice the date and be present with what was happening, this month could have slipped by like the last four months of 2016. (I was on so many airplanes, I lost count.) I’m happy to report my experiment is working! Believe it or not, time actually feels like it is slowing down. If that sounds good to you, perhaps you’d like to try the same experiment. Make a mental note of today’s date and then think about what happened today. How did you feel? Who were you with? Did you try something new or take a step towards your dream? Did something make you laugh out loud? What wonderful things happened in January? Maybe some not so wonderful things happened last month. Take a breath and allow those moments to be part of your journey too. If you are experiencing a difficult time, what I know for sure is this too shall pass. Later, you might be able to see the gift in those moments too.

I’m going to do my best to continue this experiment all year and see if I can continue to slow down time. Will you join me? If you do, I’d love to hear how it works for you in the comments below. Maybe you are already doing this and have been for years. Is it still working? If you are having a hard time, I’d love to share more tools and techniques that have helped me. Look around my website to learn more about Life Coaching based on the time bending principles of A Course in Miracles.
Until next time, keep noticing your surroundings and tell Father Time to slow down so you can enjoy the ride!