An Unexpected Pod of Dolphins

The dictionary defines “synchronicity” as the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. I like to think of it as Spirit’s way of reminding me to stay in the wonder of infinite possibilities and to remember that there are no accidents. Have you ever thought about a friend you haven’t spoken with for a long time and then suddenly received a phone call or text message from that friend? Have you ever heard about a book from several different people and then noticed that same book on your best friend’s coffee table? Have you ever thought about visiting a specific city only to discover a travel promotion for that exact destination in your mailbox? These are just a few examples of synchronicity.
Something interesting like that happened to me this week. I was invited to a pool party on Sunday afternoon, but sadly when I arrived the weather was not pool party friendly. It was cloudy and drizzling, so I decided to attempt a little humor for my grand entrance. I pulled out the Miami Dolphins rain poncho that was wadded up in the side pocket of my car door. One of my massage clients gifted it to me over five years ago when I got caught at her place during a torrential downpour. Honestly, I don’t think I had worn it since. I donned the turquoise plastic and entered the pool area of my friend’s apartment complex exclaiming, “I’m ready for a pool party!” I know. It wasn’t very funny, but it amused me.

The next day I went for my walk along Fort Lauderdale Beach as I do most Monday mornings. To my surprise, I walked right by a pod of dolphins. No, not the marine mammals. It was a pod of football players from the NFL team in Miami. They were doing some sort of training exercise on the beach. I don’t follow sports, but the distinctive turquoise and orange jerseys sporting my favorite animal were hard to miss. True, Miami isn’t far away, but it seemed odd that the team was in Fort Lauderdale the day after I wore that rain poncho. In the eight years I have been walking that stretch of beach I have never seen them before. 

Now I’m not saying the Miami Dolphins were there because I wore that rain poncho. It simply amuses me to observe the synchronicity of those two events. You can call it mere coincidence, but I like to think it was the Universe winking at me. Life certainly is more fun when I look at it that way. One of my favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles says:

Your passage through time and space is not at random. You cannot but be in the right place at the right time.

These words have always been very comforting to me. No matter what choice we make we can’t mess it up. There really are no missed opportunities. What a relief! When I experience a synchronicity like that, it feels like Spirit is just having fun with me. Other times, when something shows up three or more times in a row, or it is related to something I’ve been churning over and over in my mind, it sure feels like Spirit is trying to get my attention! What kinds of synchronicities have shown up in your life recently? Might there be a message for you? Maybe Spirit is trying to tell you something. Perhaps you just needed a reminder that life can be fun and magical!

Could you use some assistance in seeing the magic and fun in life? Are you having trouble deciphering the signs or guidance you’re getting? Why not try Life Coaching or Family Constellations? Both are excellent ways to find clarity and see things from a broader perspective. It would be my great honor to assist you with the tools and techniques that have worked for me. Please look around my website for more information about both.

Until next time, pay attention to those synchronistic events. It may be a sign that something wonderful and magical is on its way!

P.S. Does anyone know where I can buy a Ricky Martin rain poncho?

It’s All For You

I’m in San Antonio, Texas this week for a conference. Because I waited too long to book my airline ticket, I had a very early morning flight and a long layover in New Orleans on Saturday. I found myself slightly annoyed that day, wishing I had made arrangements earlier to avoid this inconvenience. What could have been just under a three hour trip from door to door ended up being over six hours.

Unfortunately, the day before I left for the trip I did not get all of the work done that I felt I needed to do before the conference. I had to surrender to that fact and use the time to pack instead. However, thanks to my new laptop and that three hour layover in New Orleans, I was able to finish everything I didn’t get done before I left. With all of the activities scheduled on the day of my arrival, I know I would not have had time to work on my computer once I landed in Texas. As often happens, what I judged as an inconvenience was actually a blessing in disguise.

It’s not always easy to shift my thinking when things don’t go my way, but over time I have learned the truth in this statement:

Everything is happening for me, not to me.

The sooner I remember this, the sooner I return to peace. Sometimes it takes a while. Other times I may never understand how an event or experience could possibly be for my benefit. Nevertheless, I trust that it is. I can either live my life believing that the Universe is a friendly place and that it has my back, or that it is a dangerous place and I have to fend for myself. I have tried both ways and I assure you the latter is a lot harder.

I am aware that there are extremely challenging situations in life where the statement above may be too far out of reach to grasp. In those cases, I recommend doing your best to simply look for ways love has shown up even in that challenge. Did it bring your family closer together? Did you receive assistance from a stranger? Did it help you reevaluate what is important to you? Spirit can use any fearful situation or challenging experience as an opportunity to reveal more love. We just have to look for it.
Do you believe everything is happening for you, not to you? Can you see the presence of love in those challenging situations? If you could use some assistance finding the blessing in disguise, maybe now is the time to consider Life Coaching. It would be my great honor to help you by sharing the tools and techniques that have worked for me. I offer four, six, and eight week programs as well as single coaching sessions to suit your needs and budget. I base all of my programs on the strong principles of A Course in Miracles, Family Constellations, and other New Thought teachings that have made an impact on me over the past 25 years. Please look around my website for more information or reply to this email with any questions you may have.

Until next time, look closely for the blessing. It is always there just waiting to be discovered!

Miracle Moments!

Every Monday afternoon I am blessed to facilitate a study group here in Fort Lauderdale on A Course in Miracles. It is definitely one of the highlights of my week. I have become very fond of each person who attends, whether they join us every week or just whenever they can. We have become a loving family who support and nurture one another. Each week as people arrive I invite anyone who is willing to share a “miracle moment” with the group. We define a “miracle moment” as any time during the past week (or ever) where one experienced a shift from fear to love. It brings me such joy to hear these wonderful stories of how each person applies the teachings of the Course when challenging situations or forgiveness opportunities arise. It is a great way to begin our time together.

When we are done sharing miracle moments, I bring out my crystal singing bowl and play its soothing tone while leading a short guided meditation. I rarely plan what I am going to say in advance so I never know what will come through when I start speaking. I trust that it will be something someone needed to hear. However, this week Spirit dropped an idea into my mind the morning of our meeting. I was incredibly moved by my Workbook lesson that day. (If you didn’t know, A Course in Miracles is divided into different sections, one of them being a Workbook for Students that has 365 lessons, one for each day of the year.) We normally read from the Text, but Lesson 188 was so beautiful I felt like I wanted to share it with the group. My first thought was to play the bowl while someone else read the entire lesson. When it was time for the mediation, it occurred to me to simply have each person read one paragraph so everyone could lend their voice to the experience.

Apparently I didn’t explain my idea very well because we had a few false starts before we got in the flow. However, once we did get in the flow some amazing things happened. One, I surprised myself with the ability to turn the page on my Kindle with my big toe while using both hands to hold and play the crystal singing bowl. Second, as fate would have it, there were exactly the same number of participants as there are paragraphs in Lesson 188. In turn, each person read one paragraph until it came around to me. My intention was to read the final paragraph and then the three line prayer that ends the lesson. After I read the final words in the last paragraph, “And we lay our saving blessing on it, as we say:” to my delight and surprise, the entire group spoke the three line prayer out loud in unison:

The peace of God is shining in me now.
Let all things shine upon me in that peace, 
And let me bless them with the light in me now.

I couldn’t believe it! We had not discussed doing this nor did I prompt anyone to do so. I literally had my hands (and feet) full doing what I was doing. It was so powerful to hear those words spontaneously spoken by a harmony of voices. Clearly there was a Presence in the room that guided each one of us to join together for that miraculous experience. Still in awe, I continued to play the bowl for a few more minutes so we could marinate in the peace of God a while longer. I am extremely grateful that I listened to the guidance to try something different that day. If I hadn’t, we would have missed out on that miracle.

Have you been getting nudges to try something new? Maybe now is the time to schedule a Life Coaching session or sessions. I would be honored to give you some tools to help you move past whatever is trying to take away your peace. I know these tools work because they have worked for me! Family Constellations is another miraculous tool that can help you break free of unconscious patterns that keep you from the happy life you were meant to live. Life Coaching and Family Constellations sessions can be done in person, by telephone, or Skype. Please look around my website for more information or reply to this email with any questions you may have.

Until next time, I encourage you to follow those nudges from Spirit when you get them. The results can be miraculous!

A Visit from an Old “Friend”

This week I had a visit from an old friend…Scarcity Consciousness. I have been trying to distance myself from him for years, but every once in a while he comes back to teach me something. He and I started having a conversation after another friend asked me to lunch on Tuesday. This friend was heading north for the summer so this would be my last opportunity to see her before she left. After I read her text message, Scarcity started saying things like, “You really shouldn’t eat out again. You’ve been spending a lot of money lately. Besides, you just bought groceries. That salad will go bad if you don’t eat it right away.” Scarcity was making a very strong case for declining the invitation. Thankfully I had the wisdom to ask another friend, the Voice of Love, to weigh in on the conversation. She reminded me that my potential lunch date was a dear friend that I most likely will not see for a while. She also reminded me that I am connected to an Infinite Source of Good, so why not make the choice from my heart?

Once I dropped into my heart space, the answer was easy. I told my friend I would love to have a farewell lunch with her. When we arrived at the restaurant there was no one at the counter to take our order. We must have been very quiet when we entered because the woman working on a computer a few feet behind the cash register didn’t notice us. When she finally realized we were there she jumped up and ran over to the counter. Apparently this woman was the manager. She apologized profusely telling us she was caught up working on next week’s schedule. We told her that we didn’t mind waiting because we were jamming out to the fun music playing in the restaurant. This was true!

While my friend was placing her order, she noticed a bowl in front of the register. Next to it was a sign that invited patrons to drop their business card in for a chance to win a free lunch. She asked if I had a business card on me, and as I was digging one out of my wallet the manager said, “I have a better idea. What do you want for lunch?” I handed her my business card and told her what I wanted. When she was done punching in my order on the screen she yelled, “Congratulations! You won!” Both my friend and I received a free lunch!
Wow! I am so grateful I didn’t continue the conversation with my old friend Scarcity that morning and began listening to the Voice of Love instead. Had I not shifted my attention I would have missed out on some quality time with my dear friend AND the miracle of a free lunch. What a beautiful demonstration of what’s possible when I listen to the right voice.

Do you know my old friend Scarcity Consciousness? You might because he knows a lot of people! I would be honored to give you some tools and techniques that have helped me listen more consistently to the Voice of Love. I offer four, six, and eight week Life Coaching packages based on the loving principles of A Course in Miracles. I have been studying the Course for over ten years and the way my life is unfolding is truly a miracle. Yours can feel like a miracle too! Please look around my website for more information. There you will also find free coaching videos with tips to help you live a more peaceful life.

Until next time, watch out for my old friend Scarcity Consciousness. He will sneak up on you and start talking trash when you least expect it!