Root Root Root for Your Own Team

I experienced my first baseball game at Minute Maid Park in Houston last week. Unlike the rest of my family, sports are not a big interest of mine, but I still had a lot of fun. The last time I went to a baseball game was in 1991 at Yankee Stadium with my family. I remember that was a lot of fun, too. However, since that was 27 years ago and I don’t own any sports jerseys, I wasn’t really sure what to wear to a baseball game. I decided on my purple Cozumel shirt that I got earlier this year while on the Science of Mind Magazine Cruise. Not only is purple one of my favorite colors, the word “Cozumel” is written in baseball style font. That seemed appropriate, right?

Well, I soon learned that people take their home team very seriously here in Houston, especially when that team won the World Series last year. There were very few people at the stadium not wearing orange, navy blue, or some combination of the two. Needless to say, I didn’t really blend in with the crowd in my purple Cozumel shirt. This actually came in handy while wading through throngs of orange-clad Astros fans as we searched for the stairs to get to our seats on the second level. My friends had no problem spotting me to make sure I was still with them!

When we finally found our seats, we snapped a quick photo and posted it on Facebook. Who knew my Cozumel shirt would inspire so many comments? It was actually quite funny to see what people wrote about me “rooting” for Cozumel, even though, to my knowledge, that city does not have a baseball team. My shirt became the joke of the evening as I kept yelling “Go Cozumel!” and later “Save Cozumel!” when the third or fourth foul ball came rocketing towards our section threatening to injure me. Who says baseball isn’t a dangerous sport?

That night I learned something else about Astros fans. During the seventh inning stretch it is customary to “root root root for the home team” by singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” and then “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” When that song came on I was suddenly transported back to Frontierland at Disney World and began doing the choreography for the Frontierland Hoedown. It happens sometimes. Apparently my purple shirt boot scootin’ caught the attention of a camera operator and our group ended up on the Jumbotron for a brief moment. Had I been wearing an orange or navy shirt like everyone else we might not have been noticed.

As you can probably tell, the jokes, comments, and funny looks did not bother me one bit. In fact, it truly added to the fun of the evening. My fear is that I am about to be barraged with orange Astros clothing. To the kind, generous, and enthusiastic friends who threatened—I mean offered to buy me appropriate baseball attire, I say I truly appreciate the thought, but orange really isn’t my color. I know this to be true having spent four years at Syracuse University!

All joking aside, this experience was a great demonstration that being yourself, marching to the beat of your own drum, and rooting for your own team (even if they aren’t playing) can create unexpected joyful moments and blessings. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes often attributed to Oscar Wilde, but upon further research, I discovered its origin is actually unknown. Not that it matters who who said it first, it’s still great advice:

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

This is sometimes easier said than done, especially if you are one who has the “disease to please” like I do. We can become so preoccupied with what everyone else thinks we should do that we lose touch with what we truly want to do. It would be my great honor to help you get back in touch with your heart’s truest desires with Life Coaching or a Family Constellations session. Visit the testimonials page on my website to read what others who have worked with me are saying and then send me an email to book a session or series of sessions.

Until next time, I invite you to take one small step in being yourself this week. Before you answer “yes” or “no” to the next invitation you receive, take a moment to check in to see how you really feel. Are you saying “yes” because you don’t want to disappoint someone or because you really want to be there? If it’s the former, simply saying “no thank you” in a kind way can be a wonderful way to start being yourself.

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