I learned a long time ago that we all have the power to bless. That word may have special meaning or be off-putting to some, but according to the internet, bless can simply mean “express or feel gratitude to; thank.” That’s why I take time to bless every meal before I eat it. Yes, I’m that weird guy who closes his eyes and holds his hands over his rice bowl at Chipotle for about ten seconds before my first bite. This has become a habit no matter where I am. It’s not a religious thing. It’s simply a way to show respect and gratitude for what’s before me. Having an attitude of gratitude is a sure way to attract more good into my life. It also gives me a moment to set the intention that this food will nourish me and keep me healthy before I wolf it down! I’m working on slowing down and being more mindful while I eat. 

With the extensive traveling I’ve done over the past few years, I’ve been on more than a few airplanes. It’s become another habit to place my hand on the side of the aircraft before I step in to silently bless the plane and all those traveling and working inside it. I imagine light and protection around the plane and all of its passengers and crew, as well as all those who have ever been on that plane in the past and all those who will be on it in the future. I also imagine that there are angels assigned to each wing to carry us safely to our destination. It feels especially significant to place my hand on the heart logo painted on Southwest airplanes. Does it do anything? I don’t know, but it’s fun! It also makes me smile to know I am using the power of my heart and mind to think positive thoughts and bless people whom I will never meet. What would happen if everyone reading this started secretly blessing airplanes? Will it make a difference? Like everything, if you believe it to be true then it will be true for you!

I love that this year the staff, musicians, and speakers of the Big Sky Retreat gathered in front of the stage before the retreat began to bless the main room, our attendees and everything that would occur over the next five days. It felt very empowering to speak words of gratitude in advance for the healings, transformations, love, and joy that would happen there. I trust on some level everyone felt it. It sure felt good to me and once again we heard that it was the best Big Sky Retreat yet!

If any of these practices speak to you, I encourage you to adopt them or adapt them to fit your own belief system. Take a moment to bless your food or your airplane. Bless your car for getting you safely from Point A to Point B. Bless your new home before you move in. Bless your old home after you move out. Thank it for providing shelter and a safe space for all those happy memories. Bless whatever you feel inspired to bless. Will it make a difference? If you believe it will…it will!

It would be a blessing for me to assist you in experiencing more miracles and an attitude of gratitude no matter what is going on in your life. Please visit my website or send me an email to learn more about Life Coaching and Family Constellations. Both have been blessings in my life and I trust they will be in yours too. 

Until next time, keep those blessings flowing…

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