I will admit I’m a little tired after the extensive traveling I did last month. It started with the Big Sky Retreat in Montana, followed by a week at Serenity Farm in Virginia, and ended with a trip to Dallas last weekend to facilitate a workshop at HeartSpace Spiritual Center. I don’t usually schedule that many events in one month. I considered postponing my Virginia trip, but my dear friend and Serenity Farm hostess, Gail Courville, suggested I come that week so we could attend a conference in nearby Charlottesville where Marianne Williamson was speaking. Gail was also hosting a house concert on Saturday night featuring two musicians whom I met and fell in love with earlier this year at the Posi Awards. If you don’t know the music of Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer, find them on iTunes or visit their website. You are in for a treat. I knew I wanted to be there for the concert, and hearing Marianne speak at a smaller event would be interesting, so I went ahead and booked my flight.

To say we packed a lot into those six days would be an understatement. Thursday and Friday were full days of private and group Family Constellations sessions. We also held a Fall Equinox Ceremony on Thursday to welcome the change of seasons. A few weeks before my trip, Gail suggested we add a session on Saturday morning to allow those interested in Family Constellations the opportunity to go deeper into the philosophy behind it. Not only did more people attend than I expected, the powerful healings that happened in the first fifteen minutes told me adding the morning session was a good choice. It flowed so well I may shift the way I present workshops in the future.

We finished another full day of Family Constellations on Saturday just before people started to arrive with food for the potluck dinner and house concert. One might have assumed our special guest musicians, Bob and Shannon, had been with us all day. The songs Bob chose to open the concert were about a mother’s love, healing, and generational pain. Those of us who had been there all day sat with our jaws hanging open. The lyrics definitely struck a chord with us as Bob later joked while striking a chord on his guitar. I shouldn’t have been surprised. We were sitting in the “Knowing Field,” the area of the house where we had been working all day. As anyone who has been in the Knowing Field knows, that’s where the magic and miracles happen. It was the perfect ending to a powerful day, and more than I expected.

The next morning I attended the 11 AM service at Unity of Bon Air followed by my afternoon Family Constellations workshop. Meanwhile, Gail stayed at Serenity Farm to host Bob and Shannon’s Sunday afternoon workshop on Practical Breathwork. The plan was for Gail and me to jump in the car when I returned to Serenity Farm so we could drive to Charlottesville in time to hear Marianne Williamson. It was an ambitious and optimistic plan.

After the day’s activities and driving back in the rain on unfamiliar roads (passing a few accidents along the way), I was relieved to turn onto the long driveway leading to the main house at Serenity Farm. It was as if my soul took a deep breath and relaxed. If I had tapped into my heart’s desires at that moment, I would have known that getting back on the road again for another 45-minute drive to Charlottesville was not what it wanted. However, when I entered the house, I did notice my heart’s desire to join Gail, Bob, Shannon, and the remaining workshop participants at the dining room table. I sat with them for a moment, but I had it in my head we needed to get going, so I ran upstairs to put my stuff away and change clothes.

Thank goodness I am part of a community that knows how to tap into the heart. Gail joined me upstairs a few minutes later and expressed exactly what I was feeling. After all the busyness of the weekend, we both wanted to stay put and have some quality time with our guests, so that’s what we chose. During the course of the evening, Bob and I discovered we had a lot in common, including some very specific family dynamics. It got a little freaky at one point when we both started sneezing as if sneezing were as contagious as yawning. The four of us stayed up talking well past midnight, and I am beyond grateful for the heart connections made that evening. I’m sure Marianne was brilliant, but I would not trade that quality time with Bob, Shannon, and Gail for anything. It was not the weekend I expected, it was better!

My six years of facilitating Family Constellations have taught me to check in with my heart, trust my instincts, and go with the flow. When I do, miracles happen and things turn out better than I could have expected. It would be my great honor to help you experience the same thing with Life Coaching or a private Family Constellations session. Both can be done by telephone or computer from anywhere in the world. Visit my website or send me an email for more information and to schedule a session.

Until next time, may things be not what you expected but better!

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