I have already written about a few of the miracles that happened during my last trip to Serenity Farm in Virginia, but there is one more I’d like to share. Those of you who have been there will agree that Serenity Farm is appropriately named. Just being on the land has a calming, healing effect. However, my last day there I woke up to the sound of something that wasn’t exactly serene. A mysterious, recurring beeping noise was coming from the garage. It was clearly some kind of alarm, perhaps for the septic system or the natural gas tank, but my hostess, Gail, and I could not find its source. Baffled, Gail decided to call her groundskeeper, Kevin, to see if he was available to come out to the farm to help us discover what was making that persistent sound.

Over the years I’ve had several encounters with Kevin. He is a kind and gentle man, with a great love for his work. It seems to me the land loves him as much as he loves the land. It is thriving with his help and tender loving care. Kevin is also a very talented artist. He creates beautiful wood carvings of animals and also carved two angels at Serenity Farm. Every time I see him I ask to see his latest creations which he happily shows me on his smartphone. He clearly has a unique style and a great love for that work too.

Kevin arrived as promised about 30 minutes after Gail called him and found the beeping culprit in a matter of minutes. We were slightly embarrassed to learn it is was a disconnected smoke detector buried under a pile of boxes. It was letting us know it needed a new battery. Oops. Being the good-natured soul he is, Kevin did not seem to mind being called out to the farm that morning. In fact, he used the opportunity to bring one of his latest creations. He had noticed the ceramic pedestal supporting the table on Gail’s newly installed outdoor deck did not match the wood. Kevin created a new pedestal out of a cedar tree trunk to take its place. It was gorgeous!

The table supported Gail’s crystal singing bowl, so we decided to bring out the bowl to make sure the new pedestal was able to support its weight and wouldn’t wobble. Gail often has the bowl outside on the table so Kevin must have seen it many times. What he thought it was for we don’t know, but he had no idea it made a soothing tone when one circles the edge with the rubber mallet. His eyes sparkled and his grin widened when I started playing the bowl. He just kept saying, “Wow. I’ve never heard anything like that!”

Seeing how enthralled he was, Gail suggested I get my crystal singing bowl from inside the house so he could hear both of them playing together. I obliged and played my bowl as I walked across the front yard to the wooden deck nestled in the trees. Now Kevin’s eyes and smile were even bigger as the sound waves made by the bowls reverberated off of each other. He took a turn playing my bowl and got it singing fairly quickly. As he played my bowl he kept grinning saying, “You learn somethin’ new every day!” The three of us stood there for a few minutes on that deck surrounded by trees absorbed in the sound and the moment.

It makes me wonder why that discarded smoke alarm chose that particular morning to start beeping. Perhaps it was a cosmic alarm clock set by the Universe in order to bring Kevin to Serenity Farm that day. I find it interesting that a sound that was disturbing our peace ended up facilitating another sound that created a peaceful, holy instant for all of us. What I know for sure is it was a moment of connection I shall never forget.

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Until next time, be on the lookout for those holy instants. They always arrive at the perfect time.

“In the holy instant nothing happens that has not always been. Only the veil that has been drawn across reality is lifted. Nothing has changed.” ~ A Course in Miracles T-15.VI.6

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