My mother made her transition over 7 years ago, but once in a while a wave of grief still sneaks up on me. That happened just the other day in the middle of my yoga practice. A memory of my mom flashed in my mind and tears started leaking from my eyes. It’s not uncommon for emotions to surface when I’m twisting on my yoga mat. I guess all that deep breathing creates the space for those residual feelings to break loose.

I started thinking about how much I missed that “shady ol’ lady” as we affectionately called her in her later years. At the age of 75, she bravely moved from Upstate New York where she had lived most of her life to make a fresh start near me in Florida. Unfortunately, she brought some of her old life with her. When she started drinking again I was devastated. Her struggle with alcoholism and aging made those last 6 years incredibly difficult for both of us.

Despite the challenges, those 6 years also provided some of my most precious memories with her. My mother and I spent a lot of time together and I learned many things about her life that I never knew. We laughed all the time and had more inside jokes than we could count. It was such a gift to have the opportunity to mend the broken bond her drinking had caused during my childhood. I certainly do not wish her back into her body that was failing her or her mind that was plagued with pain and regret, but that day on my yoga mat I felt myself longing for one more meal or conversation with her. No more suffering, but I wanted just a little more quality time with her.

No sooner had I thought that thought when I heard a voice inside my head say, “All we have now is quality time.” The truth of that statement really hit me. A few years prior to my mother’s passing a friend shared this pearl of wisdom with me based on her experience with her own mother. She told me, “Once your mother goes all the yucky stuff will go away and only love remains.” She was right. In that moment, all of the challenging stuff was gone and I felt my mother’s love all around me. My tears immediately stopped and I was able to finish my yoga practice with a smile. It truly was a yoga mat miracle.

Miracles can happen anywhere, not just on yoga mats. I would be honored to help you experience more miracles in your life and move through any challenging situation that is causing you stress. Through the miracle of technology, Life Coaching sessions or a Family Constellations session can be done from anywhere in the world. Please look around my website or send me an email for more information or to schedule a session. Gift certificates are also available in electronic or paper form.

Until next time, keep breathing and stretching whether you’re on or off a yoga mat. A miracle is waiting for you!

“Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.”
Miracle Principle #6 from A Course in Miracles

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