About twenty years ago, my typical Saturday night would have included working the door at a nightclub in Miami Beach from 10 PM until 3 or 4 in the morning. Once my shift ended I would often join the fun under the flashing lights on the dance floor until the wee hours. How things have changed! Last Saturday evening I found myself in a park sitting quietly with some ducks watching the light show provided by Mother Nature.

One of the blessings of where I currently live in Houston is the ability to walk to Hermann Park, a beautiful, 445-acre green space located on the southern end of the Museum District. I love to sit on the tree-shaded benches next to McGovern Lake watching the fountain spray water high into the air as a variety of ducks, geese, and other birds swim or fly by. This particular Saturday evening I decided to take a stroll to my sacred spot to have a chat and prayer by phone with one of my dear friends in California. When I arrived, there was a duck sitting on one side of my favorite bench.

She didn’t seem to mind when I sat down next to her to continue my conversation. Together we watched the sun dip below the horizon as twilight illuminated the sky and the buildings of the Medical Center across the lake. A turtle poked its head above the reflective surface of the water to look at me, perhaps hoping for a morsel of food. A little dog frightened the turtle back into the water and disturbed two ducks resting behind our bench. They hurriedly waddled in front of the bench where the dog’s leash couldn’t reach. Once the dog passed, each duck found a soft spot in the grass, nestled their little heads into their bodies, and returned to duck dreamtime. With two in front of me and one sleeping next to me on the bench, I shared with my friend that I was now the fourth corner of a sleeping duck square.

After a delightful conversation and a centering prayer, I hung up the phone and sat there in the dark for several more minutes basking in the energy. Night had fallen. The colored lights of the Medical Center were now illuminated as was the fountain in the middle of the lake. I was soothed by the gentle whooshing sound of the fountain interrupted by the occasional goose honking or child laughing. The peaceful stillness was palpable in that moment. It felt like such an honor to have gained the trust of those three sleeping ducks. I’m guessing they sensed they were safe with this human sitting among them. It struck me how this would not be what most would call a “hot Saturday night,” and yet I felt completely content and grateful for all of the elements that came together to create that unique experience.

Are you having a hard time finding peace and stillness in your current situation? Maybe it’s time to give yourself the gift of Life Coaching or Family Constellations so you can break the cycle or pattern and do things differently. It would be my great honor to assist you through whatever you are going through and growing through. Please look around my website or send me an email for more information and to schedule your first session. An experience of peace and stillness might be just a phone call away.

Until next time, I wish you an experience of peace and stillness wherever and however it may find you.

Now is there silence all around the world. Now is there stillness where before there was a frantic rush of thoughts that made no sense. Now is there tranquil light across the face of earth, made quiet in a dreamless sleep. ~ from Lesson 198 in A Course in Miracles

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