I just returned from a wonderful retreat at Unity Village in Missouri. During one of the sessions, one of the attendees broke down the word “retreat” in a way that really spoke to me. Re-Treat! It’s a treat I have given myself over and over. It didn’t occur to me how true this was until the weekend was almost over. So many of the life-changing experiences I shared last weekend happened at retreats like that one. The more I thought about it, I realized I’ve met many of my closest friends, not to mention my amazing partner, at a spiritual retreat! 

It began when I met my rose quartz family at my first spiritual gathering over Valentine’s Day weekend in 2004. I had been praying to find a group of people that felt like my tribe. The friends I made that weekend were the answer to that prayer. I was in awe of the work they were doing in the world and how much I could learn from them. They taught me about crystals and how rose quartz holds the frequency of unconditional love and compassion. We did ceremony inside a Native American Medicine Wheel and I learned about Animal Totems. They introduced me to the music of Deva Premal, Sanskrit chanting, and Hindu deities. That was also the weekend I had a mystical experience that told me my presence helps others on their path of healing and wholeness. That weekend was a game changer. It gave me hope, a renewed sense of purpose, and planted seeds in my consciousness that continue to grow and influence my life today.

In 2010, for some reason I felt inspired to attend a retreat in Mebane, North Carolina facilitated by someone I just met at a Miami Meetup group. When I discovered that Mebane was just 20 minutes from the home of a member of my rose quartz family, I knew I was meant to go and I’m so glad I did! It was a magical 5 days that taught me the power of letting go and going with the flow. That’s also where I met, Haydee, who I affectionally call my “HDL” which stands for “Hermana de Luz” or “Sister of Light” in English. It sounds hokey, but I believe our souls recognized each other from the moment we met and our friendship and love for each other has only grown deeper over time. I find it interesting that Haydee and I both lived in South Florida, but we had to travel 800 miles north to meet each other at a spiritual retreat in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains.

Over the next few years, I attended a beautiful, heart-centered event called The Universal Lightworkers Conference held every year in Fort Lauderdale. That’s where I was introduced to powerful spiritual teachers like Mary Morrissey, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Donna Eden, and Sheila & Marcus Gillette. I was so impressed with Mary Morrissey’s presentation at that conference that when I saw her picture years later on the flyer for the 2014 Big Sky Retreat I decided to go. Little did I know how much that decision would impact my life.

Due to some last minute scheduling changes and my friendship with Dr. Charles Geddes who has been part of the Big Sky Retreat since it began in 1976, I ended up presenting a workshop on Forgiveness and Miracles that first year. Words can’t describe how welcomed, loved, and seen I felt. Many of the people I met that year have become life-long friends and prayer partners. In addition, I made connections that allowed me to travel and share the work I love all over the country. I have attended this event every year since, and every year I meet wonderful people and expand well past my comfort zone in miraculous ways. 

I never would have guessed that one day I would be President of the Board of the Big Sky Retreat, which is the longest-running metaphysical retreat in the world. It was a full circle moment for me during the opening ceremony at last year’s retreat when I shared what I have learned about rose quartz and the Native American Medicine Wheel. It brought tears to my eyes to see a group of 150 people honoring the four directions and then have their own heart-expanding experience holding a piece of rose quartz. What an honor to pay it forward. This is just a small sample of the life-changing experiences I’ve had and the beautiful souls I’ve met at spiritual retreats over the years. I am beyond grateful for each and every one. 

Are you looking for your tribe? Would you like to take a break from your everyday life in a magnificent setting? Is your soul calling out for a re-treat? If so, I invite you to join me for one or both of the upcoming spiritual retreats I am blessed to be a part of this fall. The 44th Annual Big Sky Retreat will be held near Yellowstone National Park in Big Sky, Montana over Labor Day Weekend from August 31-September 5. Early registration price ends on June 30. The 2019 Affiliated New Thought Network Conference will be held on the sacred grounds at Unity Village from October 1-4. Take a look at the events on my website and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving. Register today!

If not these events, I encourage you to take a break from your normal routine even if it’s just for an afternoon or evening. Get out in nature, attend a spiritual event, or spend some time reading a metaphysical book at your local coffee shop. You never know who you’ll meet or what life-changing experience is waiting for you!

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