It would be easy to become hopeless if I watched all the ways people harm each other on the evening news. That’s why I choose to focus more on the ways people help each other in the world. Ellen Degeneres often spotlights these earth angels on her talk show. Once we hear their stories and how they have gone the extra mile to be of service, Ellen usually surprises them with a big check from one of her sponsors. I usually get tears in my eyes when those guests are overcome with gratitude for this unexpected blessing. 

Despite evidence to the contrary in the news, I truly believe people are hard-wired to be good to one another. We intuitively understand that our humanity connects us. We don’t like to see others suffering. Recently, I saw a wonderful example of this while watching the Ellen Degeneres Show, but surprisingly Ellen had nothing to do with it. 

The local news broke in with a live story about the police chasing a stolen Lexus through the streets of Houston. Suddenly, I realized the aerial images on my TV screen were of my neighborhood and I could hear the helicopters outside. The chase didn’t last long as the driver of the Lexus swerved and crashed into a bank of construction safety barriers two blocks from my home. Without going into detail, it was clear that the driver was badly injured. I turned off the TV and said a prayer for everyone involved before heading to Unity of Houston to facilitate our weekly A Course in Miracles group.

I’m not usually one to follow such stories, but due to the proximity of the incident, I checked the internet later that evening to see if the driver was okay. I was grateful to find an interview with the owner of the stolen Lexus. He shared with the reporter that he had been shopping at a nearby Home Depot when he came out of the store to find his car missing. He activated the car’s GPS locator and informed the police of its location. When his locator told him the car had stopped, he had someone drive him to the scene where he discovered the crash.

The reporter asked the man how he was feeling as they showed images of his crumpled car being loaded onto a flatbed truck. Instead of being angry about his situation, the man showed compassion for the injured driver. He said he hoped the man would be okay because the damage to his car looked pretty bad. “All that for a piece of metal. It’s not worth it,” he said. “I hope he’s feeling better.” I don’t remember his name, but I applaud that car owner for his ability to shift from fear to love and be more concerned about the human being than the car. It strengthens my belief that people are definitely hard-wired to be compassionate. It’s only when we forget the truth that we act differently. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share this good news with all of you. 

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Until next time, I invite you to be on the lookout for evidence of the goodness in people. You will certainly see whatever it is you are looking for, so choose wisely!

 No longer is the world our enemy, for we have chosen that we be its friend. 

~from Lesson 194 in A Course in Miracles

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