One of the best parts of my job is getting to share the miracle of Family Constellations all over the country. The downside of that is I’m on a lot of airplanes, which isn’t always fun. However, on a recent flight home from Kansas City, I experienced the presence of grace…literally. She was a Southwest flight attendant who introduced herself as “Grace…as in Amazing Grace.” Wow, did she live up to that name!

Grace greeted, smiled, and made eye contact with each one of us as we boarded the airplane for our 7 PM flight. There was nothing phony or forced about her greeting. I honestly felt like she was glad I was there. Before the door closed, Grace made her way up and down the aisle offering assistance or a kind word wherever needed like a conscientious butterfly visiting every flower in the garden. She spent a few extra moments two rows in front of me to gush over a cute baby before returning to her duties. 

Her sweet demeanor never wavered, even while looking for the passengers who brought checked bags on board instead of surrendering them to the gate agent. Grace didn’t scold or shame them. Instead, she jokingly told them they couldn’t sneak those tagged bags past her eagle eye. Because of her light-hearted nature, the guilty passengers quickly confessed the location of their checked bags. I did not detect any malice in Grace as she yanked those tags off the bags and carried them to the front of the plane to deliver to the baggage handlers. It was just another task she needed to take care of before we were on our way.

Even her safety announcements were full of grace and joy. Somehow she made information she had probably shared more than a thousand times sound interesting. I especially loved when she instructed us to fasten our seatbelts around our tiny little waists. I wish I could remember more of the amusing things she said, but I do remember taking out my earbuds to listen to her and laughing several times. I’ve heard that safety spiel more times than I can count, and like most people, I usually tune it out. Something tells me I wasn’t the only one paying close attention to Grace’s creative version.

I have several friends who are flight attendants, and I know it’s not an easy job. Imagine being trapped in a flying tube at 30,000 feet with people who are nervous, tired, frustrated, or some combination of all three. I’m sure Grace has her off days, but that evening her loving, peaceful presence filled the entire airplane. It would be difficult for me to imagine anything going wrong or disturbing my serenity with Grace onboard. It was indeed amazing to witness the powerful effect one person’s positive energy had on an airplane full of people, and I was grateful for the opportunity to tell this to Amazing Grace as I exited the airplane.

Would you like to have more energy like Amazing Grace? It would be my great honor to help you shift from fear and anxiety to peace and joy with a series of Life Coaching sessions. All of my sessions are based on the strong principles found in A Course in Miracles and other New Thought teachings.  If you would like more miracles in your life, please visit my website or send me an email to schedule your first session. I have created new packages and pricing to meet your needs. 

Until next time, may you discover numerous opportunities to receive and be the presence of grace in the world. 

Grace becomes inevitable instantly in those who have prepared a table where it can be gently laid and willingly received…

~ from Lesson 169 in A Course in Miracles

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