Hay House Publishing had a live event in Houston this weekend and some of my favorite authors were there presenting workshops. Although I wasn’t attending the workshops, I was excited to volunteer at a booth in the vendor area to let the attendees know about the great things happening at Unity of Houston. Kudos to Donna Fisher, the Unity Bookstore Manager, for creating an inviting and interactive space where passersby could spin a wheel to win a prize, have their photo taken with angel wings, and step into a giant Tibetan singing bowl to experience a sound healing. People from all over the globe stopped by to see us. 

As the proud owner of a crystal singing bowl, I especially enjoyed being the keeper of the mallet for the Tibetan bowl. It was fun to chime the side of that huge brass bowl and watch how each guest received the powerful vibrations that washed over them. Some gently smiled with closed eyes while others reacted with surprised eyes and mouth wide open. When five o’clock approached on Sunday, we weren’t sure if we would get another influx of people when all the sessions ended or if people would bolt for the door after being in that windowless convention center for two days. We decided not to pack up just in case some attendees were not quite ready to go home..

It turns out most folks did leave, but I’m really glad we stayed. Shortly after five, one of my favorite A Course in Miracles teachers and authors, Robert Holden, emerged from the room directly across from our booth and sat at a table to sign books. Not only are his books inspiring and fun to read, they have great titles like Shift Happens: How to Live an Inspired Life…Starting Right Now! and Holy Shift!: 365 Daily Meditations from A Course in Miracles. As I watched him generously take time to connect with each person, I thought about joining the line to thank him for his work and to tell him how much I enjoyed his presentation at the last “I Can Do It!” Conference in Orlando back in 2015. 

I realized how tired he must be after two full days of teaching. That’s when it occurred to me that perhaps he would enjoy standing in the restorative vibrations of our giant brass bowl. Twenty minutes passed as he continued to speak with each person in line while I debated whether or not to approach him with this invitation. As I stood there wrestling with this question in my minc, Rose, the current keeper of the mallet, (who also happens to be part of our Miracle Monday ACIM study group) strolled over to Robert’s table and did exactly what I was thinking. She invited him to experience the Tibetan bowl and he graciously accepted! I’m tempted to say, “Great minds think alike,” but A Course in Miracles teaches that  there really is only One Mind, so I shouldn’t be surprised she had the same thought.

What happened next was quite unexpected. Before Robert stepped into the bowl, he let us know how happy he was to see Unity of Houston at the event. He spoke at a large spiritual conference at our church about ten years ago and had a wonderful experience with both our staff and the people who attended. Now, whenever he meets people from Houston, he tells them about Unity. What a wonderful compliment! Rose did the honors of chiming the bowl once Robert stepped in, sending those blissful vibrations all through his body. When the bowl finally stopped ringing, he opened his eyes and asked if his assistant could take a video of him experiencing the bowl again, promising to share the video on social media to let even more people know about Unity of Houston. He also stepped in front of the angel wings for a few photographs, giving us permission to post them on our social media platforms.

I believe I speak for all of the Unity volunteers that were there when I say we were incredibly touched by his kindness and graciousness. What a beautiful example of how loving thoughts are multiplied when we allow grace to guide us. Way to go, Rose! I am grateful to have witnessed that miracle moment. It was the perfect way to end a day filed with miracles and connections.

Would you like to experience more miracles and deeper connections? Join us every Monday evening from 7:30-9:00 in Grace Hall at Unity of Houston for a fun and lively discussion of A Course in Miracles. We are about to start reading from the beginning of the text so now is a great time to come check it out if you’ve been curious about this mystical book. If that’s not possible, you can still create miracles in your life with a series of one-on-one Life Coaching sessions or a private Family Constellations session. Both can be done by phone or computer from anywhere in the world. Please look around my website or send me an email to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions you may have. 

Until next time, don’t worry about missing a miracle. They are bound to happen sooner than later!

Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.

Miracle Principle #6 from A Course in Miracles

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