I have been learning that even during this time of isolation, it is possible to experience moments of deep connection. I felt one of those moments while watching the Sunday service on Unity of Houston’s Facebook page this week. When Rev. Karen Tudor asked us to sit in silence for a few moments during her guided meditation, waves of energy tingled through my body. It did not matter that we were not physically together in the sanctuary. We were together in the sanctuary of the heart where there is no separation. It felt amazing!

Something similar happened later that evening while watching the Cozy Couch Concert Series featuring my Big Sky Retreat friend, Karen Drucker. If you aren’t familiar with Karen’s music, I highly encourage you to find her on iTunes or wherever you listen to music. Her songs might be just the thing to help you stay calm during these stressful times. Many who already know her music jumped on Facebook to enjoy this concert. It was beautiful to witness friends and colleagues share messages of love in the comments as more and more people joined. Even though we were sitting on couches scattered across the globe, it felt like there was no distance between us as we experienced the heart-opening music together. 

During her song “Your Prayer is My Prayer Too,” Karen asked us to share our prayer requests in the comment section. Instantly the screen was flooded with affirmations of peace, love, health, and safety for each other, family members, friends and all beings on the planet. Many wrote prayers of gratitude for medical professionals, grocery store employees, and all those who are still reporting to work. I shared a prayer of protection and grace for all those serving on the front line including my dear friends, Donna and Norma from Ocala, Florida. Donna is a nurse and Norma is a massage therapist. They both answered the call for emergency medical support in New York City during this crisis. If anyone can be the presence of peace, love, and hope in an overwhelming situation like that it’s these two radiant beings! I have included a photo of Donna and Norma from a recent Big Sky Retreat to give a face to all those doctors and nurses serving tirelessly around the world. If you feel inspired to send them some love and good vibes, I believe those vibes will reach every medical professional on the planet because we are one.

I’d like to share one more miracle moment that reminded me of our oneness and connection this week. I was listening to Madonna’s “Confessions Tour” while getting some fresh air and exercise in the park. The fact that I was listening to a Madonna concert should not surprise anyone who knows me. The surprise happened when I pulled my iPhone out to skip a song and noticed it was 11:11. Because the display is all 1s, whenever I see 11:11, I take a moment to remember that we are all one. As I was thinking this thought, Madonna started singing “I Love New York.” It felt like a reminder to send love to my friends and all of the patients, medical professionals, and their families in New York. I envisioned all of the little rose quartz crystals I have sprinkled in New York City over the years broadcasting unconditional love and light throughout the city, eventually sweeping over the entire planet. Imagining the earth engulfed in healing, pink light made me feel peaceful.

Some of you have roles that require you to continue going to work and for that, I say thank you and bless you! Meanwhile, most of us do our part to help “flatten the curve” by staying home. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. I encourage you to take advantage of the many ways to connect using technology. Many spiritual teachers and communities are sharing free content on social media. There are more Cozy Couch Concerts coming up in April from the Centers for Spiritual Living. You can join an uplifting virtual conversation such as the two online study groups of A Course in Miracles I facilitate via Zoom every Monday and Friday. Lots of groups and communities are gathering this way until it is safe once again to meet in person. If you aren’t comfortable with computers or technology, you can use the telephone to call a friend or family member who might be feeling isolated. Easiest of all, find a quiet place in nature or your home to sit still and send peace and good thoughts to someone you love or the entire world. If you’re really brave, send love and good thoughts to yourself! You will be amazed at how powerful this experience can be.

Until next time, may you find the connection you crave in the sanctuary of the heart. 

 When a mind has only light, it knows only light. Its own radiance shines all around it, and extends out into the darkness of other minds, transforming them into majesty. 

A Course in Miracles ~ T-7.XI.5:1-2

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