The other day I sat under a huge tree in the park far away from the pedestrian pathways. My back was pressed against the jagged bark on her wide trunk as a soft spring breeze caressed my face. A single brown leaf floated to the ground in front of me. I looked up to see most of the tree’s canopy was bright green with just a few brown leaves still hanging on to their branches. I wondered what made this the perfect moment for the tree to let go of that particular leaf. Hadn’t it been dead since autumn? Why now?

I doubt the tree was asking such a silly question. Nor was it feeling ashamed that it waited so long to let go of that leaf. It made me wonder why can’t I be more like that tree. Why am I often so hard on myself for not being able to let things go? Like the little brown leaf that hung on for months, maybe it simply wasn’t time yet? If it were, wouldn’t I have let go already? Maybe there is more for me to learn from that job, person, habit, or situation? I have learned that once I get the lesson, the teacher can go away, but not until then. 

I’m going to do my best to remember that tree and be gentle with myself. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever let things go in a timely manner. It just means I won’t judge myself if they stick around a little longer than is peaceful. Eventually, I will let go. Perhaps I need a little bit more of the experience to truly get the lesson. Maybe all I need is a soft breeze from the winds of change to help gravity do its part. When it’s time, I’ll let go.

This week I encourage you to be like that tree and be gentle with yourself. Many of us have more time for self-reflection these days. Maybe you’ve noticed something in your home, your behavior, your life, or your thoughts that is no longer a match for who you are. That’s a great thing to notice! Maybe it’s time to let it go. If it sticks, maybe it has more to teach you. Either way, you can trust that, just like that leaf, one day it will float to the ground and a  new green leaf will grow in its place.

It would be my great honor to help you release with grace and gratitude whatever is trying to take away your peace. I am still doing Life Coaching and Family Constellations by phone, Zoom, and Skype. Because many of you have experienced a slow down or stoppage in your financial flow, I am offering 45-minute Life Coaching calls on a love offering basis. Please send me an email for more information or to schedule a session. 

Until next time, may you release with ease and grace whatever is no longer serving your highest good like a leaf floating to the ground.

You cannot really not let go what has already gone. It must be, therefore, that you are maintaining the illusion that it has not gone because you think it serves some purpose that you want fulfilled.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-16.VII.2:10-11

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