Last month, I shared how grateful I was to Comcast for connecting high-speed internet to my home office so quickly. Once all of my individual and group sessions moved online, it became more important than ever to have a reliable internet connection. Although receiving the bill this month was not quite as enjoyable, it is a great reminder of the importance of investing in a good connection, which is true no matter what kind of connection we are talking about. Since I made this wise investment, I have had no connectivity issues. 

I also mentioned this was not my first “Comcast miracle.” After reading the story I wrote a few years ago, it felt appropriate to share it again during these challenging times. I hope this story helps you shift your perspective on whatever is trying to take away your peace in this moment:

It’s not often you hear someone say, “I really enjoyed that call to Comcast!” Believe it or not, I said it earlier this week. On Tuesday, my internet service went down around 10 AM. Since I work from home this is a big problem. I decided to call Comcast before starting my yoga practice to report the outage. A lovely automated voice told me that service was out in my area and technicians were working to restore it by 2:27 PM. While I appreciated her specificity, I needed service by 1 PM for a Skype Life Coaching session. When that lovely automated voice asked me if I would like to have a text message sent to my phone when service was restored, I replied “yes.” Then I rolled out my yoga mat, trusting there would be a text message announcing the restoration of my service by the time I finished. No such luck.

Still hopeful, I showered and ate lunch, expecting there to be blinking lights on my modem any minute. At 12:40, I reluctantly sent a text message to my client asking if we could reschedule our session. After three more hours without service, I decided to call Comcast again. When that lovely automated voice had no additional information, I pressed “0” to speak to a human. While waiting, I began thinking how inconvenient this whole situation had been and how this interruption was costing me money. Although this was out of character for me, I decided that I would forcefully demand a credit on my next bill. If I could get angry it would give me strength to ask for what I deserved. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you see it), when I complete my yoga and meditation practice, whatever was troubling me before I started doesn’t seem as important. I was feeling quite Zen when I finished. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to be angry and Zen at the same time, but it’s pretty much impossible.

To my surprise, I was on hold for less than a minute. Before I could muster up any anger, I found myself speaking with Santiago. After I explained my situation, Santiago promised to provide excellent customer service and to find out when my internet would be restored. He first sent a signal to my modem to get some information about what was going on. While we were waiting for the system to respond, he told me that a credit for this time without service would automatically appear on my next bill. How about that? There was no need for indignant demands.

Suddenly, I heard a lot of happy shouting on his end. I asked if someone was celebrating a birthday. He apologized for the interruption and said, “No. They just announced that a few of my coworkers received a promotion and everyone is cheering and celebrating with cake.” I asked him to tell his coworkers I said “Congratulations!” He giggled and said that he would.

Apparently, Santiago’s computer was very slow that day. As we continued to wait for the system to respond to his inquiry, he started a sales pitch about another internet package that I might like. For an additional four cents per month, I could have three times the internet speed and also the ability to watch TV shows on my computer. This plan also included HBO. In the past, other agents have tried to convince me to upgrade my account, but there was always a catch. Usually, they wanted me to buy cable TV and rent a cable box for an additional charge. Since I choose not to have a television in my home, those wonderful plans end up not being available to me. However, Santiago assured me that I did not need a cable box, just the modem I currently have. He also said there would be no hidden installation or service fees, just those four extra pennies per month. How could I say no to that?

Finally, his computer system responded and Santiago let me know that about 32,000 other customers were currently without internet service. He told me that a team was working on the issue and they hoped to have service back up by 9:27 PM. That didn’t help me much in the moment, but Santiago reminded me that when it did come back up it would be three times faster. He asked if there was anything else he could do for me. When I replied that it would be great if he could wash my car, he laughed and did his best to get back on his script by reviewing my questions and his answers. Before hanging up I encouraged him to go get a piece of that cake! The call ended with both of us laughing.

After we hung up, I realized a miracle had just happened. I really enjoyed that call to Comcast! What could have been a very unpleasant and frustrating conversation ended up being a lot of fun. When my internet came back on around 6 PM, it was indeed faster. I have to believe my experience was the result of my state of mind before dialing that number. From a place of peace, the result will be peace. From a place of joy, the result will be joy. 

This week, one participant at our Miracle Monday discussion group shared a similar experience at the impound lot after her car was towed. She believes her studies of A Course in Miracles allowed her to laugh and joke with the attendant as she paid him $220 to get her car out of jail. Yes, it is possible to experience joy in the unlikeliest of situations if you set your intention to do so.

I know many of you are currently in situations where it feels impossible to experience peace, love, or joy. It would be my great honor to assist you with tools and techniques that have helped me in challenging times. Consider giving yourself the gift of a series of Life Coaching sessions or a private Family Constellations session. These sessions can be done using Zoom, Skype, or a telephone. For those experiencing economic hardship because of the pandemic, I am offering 45-minute Life Coaching calls on a donation basis. Please visit my website or send me an email for more information and to book a session.

This week I invite you to set your intention to find joy in the most unlikely of places and watch what happens.

The world you see is what you gave it, nothing more than that. It is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition. 

A Course in Miracles ~ T-21.In.1:2+5

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