My walks in the park this week in Houston have felt very different. After learning the heartbreaking details leading to the death of George Floyd, a Houston native, I found myself wanting to hold my hands to my heart and apologize to every black person I passed. The uncomfortable energy in the air has been palpable. Since it may not be the appropriate time or place to offer such sentiments out loud to passing strangers, I have been sharing them with my heart and eyes. 

Many of you reading this have experienced the transformational work known as Family Constellations. During these powerful healing sessions, we speak long overdue truth statements to clear the air, restore balance, and get love flowing again. In the spirit and tradition of this life-changing work, it feels appropriate to offer these words to any person of color or minority who has experienced prejudice or injustice, and especially to those in the black community:

I acknowledge and take responsibility for anything I, my family, or my ancestors have done to harm or mistreat you, your family, or your ancestors.

I see that you have suffered greatly from our choices and actions.

I see your humanity. 

We got caught up in something much bigger than us.

I recognize that we want the same things for ourselves and our families. 

We want to live happy, healthy lives with the ability to protect and provide for our families. 

We want to have the same opportunities to experience freedom, creativity, peace, love, and joy.

To honor each other and all of our ancestors, let’s do this differently. 

Let’s see each other’s humanity.

Let’s live in harmony by treating each other with respect, kindness, and equality. 

We are one human family.

I honor you.

Feel free to take these words as your own, adapt them where necessary, speak them out loud when appropriate, or simply share them with your heart and eyes when it’s not. Yes, it may be uncomfortable, but the results will be profoundly healing. I have been participating in and facilitating Family Constellations for the past 8 years. During this time, I have witnessed more miracles than I can count when participants take time to look into another human being’s eyes, see their humanity, acknowledge what happened, and commit to doing it differently to honor those who came before. 

I hope you will join me in being part of the solution. For more information about Family Constellations, please look around my website or send me an email. I would be honored to share some of the resources that have helped me begin to heal generations of inherited family trauma. 

The holiest of all spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-26.IX.6:1

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