A Small Sign We are on the Right Track

With all the heaviness in the air this week, I needed another dance party for one on Sunday night. Once again, I closed the door to my office and moved my body to the beat of uplifting music for a few hours. It sure helped me feel better. I played another one of my favorite songs from my nights on South Beach called “Love One Another” by Amber. I have always loved the lyrics to this song, but this week they felt particularly relevant. 

Everybody black. Everybody white.

We are all the same. If we look inside. 

Knowing what we know. Why do we still fight?

Time for us to see the light… 

Love one another. Sisters and brothers!

Towards the end of my walk in the park on Tuesday, my energy began to fade. I needed an energy boost so I decided to listen to that song again. As Amber sang “Love One Another” in my ears, an older African American man approached from the other direction. He was moving very slowly, taking small, deliberate steps while carrying a full white plastic bag in one hand. As we passed each other, he lifted his free hand to give me the peace sign. I doubt he could hear the words of the song in my earbuds, but I don’t doubt that he could feel their loving energy radiating from my heart to his. With a deep sense of gratitude, I nodded to acknowledge his kind gesture. It touched me deeply. That’s when I noticed the bag he was carrying had the words “Thank You” printed all over it. The words on that bag felt like a little nudge from the Universe saying “Thank You” for taking a moment to recognize each other’s humanity. 

Chances are I will never see that man again, nor will I know if it was a significant moment for him. I know it was significant for me because I got a little teary-eyed sharing the story with a dear friend later that day. For me, it was a moment of connection, understanding, and healing. It’s what A Course in Miracles calls a holy instant. It also feels significant that this happened on the same day 60,000 people marched from Discovery Green Park to City Hall just a few blocks away in downtown Houston. The march was led by George Floyd’s family to peacefully protest his murder. I am holding the vision that recent events will inspire more of us than ever to embody the words of that song and simply “Love One Another.”

If you could use assistance in finding peace during these turbulent times, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Simply send me an email or look around my website.

Love does not conquer all things, but it does set all things right.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-4.VI.7:6

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