A few weeks ago, road construction forced me to take a different route to the park for my morning walk. It turned out to be a wonderful detour for two reasons. One, it showed me how to avoid an area of highway that has no lane for merging traffic. That stretch always felt like an accident waiting to happen. Two, a road on the new route has a significant dip that is super fun to drive over. At just the right speed, it gives me a little taste of roller coaster stomach without actually leaving the ground. With this new route, I exchanged two seconds of daily stress for two seconds of daily joy!

Why am I sharing this? I think it’s important to remember we all have a younger version of ourselves living inside us. Along with protection and safety, this “inner child” craves joy, fun, and more playtime. We can get so caught up in the circumstances, events, and busyness of our lives that we forget about this little one. That’s when we start feeling depleted, sad, and overwhelmed. It’s such a silly thing, but the little boy in me absolutely loves driving over that dip in the road. I giggle like a 5-year old every single time.

There have been a lot of serious and sad events happening over the past few months and I’m not trying to make light of them. What I am suggesting is the importance of allowing ourselves moments of joy in addition to the moments of sadness. When we honor and take care of the needs of our inner child, we can become fully integrated adults and do what’s ours to do much more happily and efficiently.

This week I encourage you to spend some time with your inner child. Ask what it needs. If it’s a little joy, do something fun even if it seems silly to your adult self. If it wants some quiet time alone in nature, get outdoors for an hour. Keep in mind, your adult self is still in charge, so you can offer a substitution if the inner child’s request is not possible. If your inner child wants to ride a Ferris wheel, perhaps you could drive to a scenic overlook and gaze out over the city lights at night. If you can’t get outdoors, watch a nature video on YouTube. Let that little one know you are listening. Whatever you do, your inner child will thank you and so will the people around you!

If you could use some assistance getting in touch with the requests of your inner child, I would be honored to help you with a series of Life Coaching sessions or a private Family Constellations session. Both can be done using a telephone, tablet, or computer. For more information or to schedule a session, send me an email or look around my website. 

Until next time, wishing you and your little one many magical and joyful moments!

The ego is afraid of spirit’s joy, because once you have experienced it you will withdraw all protection from the ego…

A Course in Miracles ~ T-4.I.10

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