We all have to start somewhere. The other day, this little sprout caught my attention growing on the side of a giant live oak tree in Hermann Park. At first, it looked kind of silly poking out of the 4- foot diameter trunk. Then it occurred to me that this tiny new branch was not wasting its time comparing itself to the huge branches that already grow high above on this beautiful old tree. If it did, it might never have started its journey. 

How many times have you not risked starting something new because you compared yourself to someone who has been doing it for years? I know I have. My ego thinks I should be proficient at it before I put myself out there. Of course, this doesn’t make any sense. How could I be proficient when I begin something new? Excellence takes time. This little sprout was an inspiring reminder that right where you are and how you are is enough. I encourage you to be brave like that little branch. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Just start. The world needs your gifts even if they aren’t perfect. They will be perfect for someone. Most importantly, it will be a gift to yourself when you keep growing.

Speaking of growing, recently I had the opportunity to speak with my dear friend, Rev. Alison Benjamin as part of her Growing Edge Live Interviews. I have included a link to the video here if you have some time to watch. Ali asked me some great questions that led to me sharing some of my greatest and most challenging life lessons. I hope you enjoy the interview and will follow Growing Edge on Facebook for more inspiring, spiritual conversations.

If you feel stuck, it would be my great honor to encourage and support you in your growth with a series of Life Coaching sessions or a private Family Constellations session. Both can be done by phone, or with Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. Please look around my website or send me an email for more information and to schedule a session. 

Until next time, may you continue to grow past your comfort zone because that’s where miracles happen!

Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers, “Grow, grow.” 

The Talmud

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