Creating New Pathways

Recently, I watched a video of a conversation between an author and A Course in Miracles teacher. They were discussing ways to experience the feeling of inner peace, gratitude, and joy more often using a very simple technique. Whenever you notice that you are feeling peaceful, grateful, or joyful, however briefly, take a few moments to savor it. Look around and absorb all the details of your surroundings. Take three or more deep breaths to anchor in this feeling before your mind moves on to the next thought, which it inevitably will.

By doing this, you have just created a new pathway to peace based on the science of neuroplasticity. That’s a fancy word for our brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. Our lives are often filled with worry and stress, so the neural pathways to those feelings are well worn. It takes a little effort and a strong intention, but it is possible to create new pathways with this simple technique. I have been practicing it this week with great results. 

In fact, just before sitting down to write this email, I decided to take a little break on our balcony to get some fresh air after a full day of meetings and coaching sessions. As I pondered this topic, I realized I was feeling a sense of peace and gratitude right then! Before doing anything else, I took three deep breaths and then intentionally scanned my surroundings. The first thing I noticed was how blue the sky appeared to be behind the brilliant pink flowers bursting out of my neighbor’s crepe myrtle tree. The air was warm, but comfortable with an occasional soft breeze moving past me. For this time of day, the neighborhood was unusually quiet. Only the sound of a chirping bird broke the silence. That magical moment is now etched in my mind.

This practice may be instinctive for some of you. For those who keep a gratitude journal, this technique works in a similar way. Both practices redirect our thoughts into a more beneficial place. From there, we will be much more open to receive inspiration on what’s ours to do and what steps to take to create more moments of peace, gratitude, and joy. With a little practice, you can turn a vicious cycle into a victorious cycle! Why not give it a try?

Family Constellations is another practice that uses the science of neuroplasticity. In a safe and sacred space, we create a new experience of a situation or story that has been living in your mind for years, possibly decades. Once you have a new experience, you can create a new pathway leading past the block or out of the pain. The results are nothing short of miraculous. I invite you to join me online for my next Virtual Family Constellations Workshop or to schedule a private session. Please visit the Constellations page on my website or send me an email for more information.

Until next time, may you experience more moments of peace, gratitude, and joy than you can count!

If your miracle working inclinations are not functioning properly, it is always because fear has intruded on your right-mindedness and has turned it upside down.

A Course in Miracles – T-2.V.4:3

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