An August Adventure

I’m having a wonderful time on my road trip so far. Hiking outside among the tall trees in the rolling hills with the occasional babbling brook has been incredibly restorative. It’s also done my heart and soul good to see friends that I haven’t seen in a very long time. I’m so grateful that when we get together we always pick up right where we left off.

Also, reconnecting with my godchildren after years of not seeing them has been a blessing. They have grown so much since I’ve seen them last. Today, I taught them my ritual of tossing tiny rose quartz crystals in flower beds, streams, and lakes to add the energy of unconditional love and compassion. Later, when I went to their home for dinner, my godson, Timothy, had not only made a necklace for me out of one of the stones I gave him earlier, he gifted me a large piece of rose quartz from his personal rock collection. Those sweet gifts from a 12-year old boy touched me deeply.

If you’d like to virtually join me on this August Adventure, I’ve been doing my best to share photos and videos on my John Harold Moore Facebook and Instagram pages. I also wanted to let my fellow A Course in Miracles students know I plan to continue our Friday Night Happy Hour (and a Half) Study Group on Fridays at 5 PM Central / 6 PM Eastern from wherever I am on the road. As long as I have internet, I will be on Zoom. For those who attend our Monday Night group, my miraculous friend Marina will be filling in for me until I get back to Houston. Please note that I added a password for each group this month so the links have changed. Both links are on the Miracles page on my website. I hope you’ll join Marina on Mondays and me on Fridays to share miracles!

Until next time, may you give yourself the gift of spending time outdoors and allow yourself to receive gifts from those who wish to give them!

The world you see but shows you how much joy you have allowed yourself to see in you, and to accept as yours. And, if this is its meaning, then the power to give it joy must lie within you.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-21.In.2

The Most Essential Item in Your Spiritual Suitcase

My schedule miraculously opened up in August, so starting today I’m taking a little road trip north to see my family in Pennsylvania and New York State. As last week began, however, I noticed a little fear and anxiety trying to sneak in. I had concerns about where to stay, where to eat, and how to stay safe and healthy with coronavirus cases still rising in some areas. Despite this break in my schedule and clear guidance from Spirit to the contrary, I started to question taking this journey. 

As I pondered these questions on my morning walk, it suddenly occurred to me why I was having these doubts. The voice of fear tricked me into thinking I have to figure out all of these details before I leave. I forgot the most important ingredient of any endeavor…Trust! Why would I think this trip is any different than other areas of my life? I truly believe the Universe has our backs and is always conspiring for our greatest good. (That’s a conspiracy theory I can buy into!) I have experienced over and over again that everything I need will be provided for me as long as I keep making decisions from love. I don’t have to know all the details now. 

Once I remembered to trust, peace returned. With peace in my heart, I was able to relax and do my part by reaching out to the remaining friends and family members that I hadn’t contacted yet. Not surprisingly, with love as my guide, everything is falling into place perfectly and I am back to being super excited to see everyone! 

In case you are concerned, I have had little to no contact with the outside world for the past 14 days and will take all the necessary precautions while traveling. While I’m gone, I most likely will not be sending out a weekly email, but they will resume once I’m back in Houston. I intend to document my travels and life lessons on Facebook and Instagram, so I hope to see you there. 

In the meantime, wherever life takes you, don’t forget to pack the most essential item in your spiritual suitcase…TRUST!

If you are trusting in your own strength, you have every reason to be apprehensive, anxious and fearful.

A Course in Miracles ~ Workbook Lesson 47