While I was on the road in August, my partner started watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix to lift his spirits and take a break from the heaviness of the news. When I returned, I occasionally caught glimpses of the show as I passed through the living room. I’ll admit, I thought it was silly to see people getting so stressed out about cakes and buttercream frosting. A few weeks ago, I plopped myself down on the couch next to him and started asking questions about the contestants. I was surprised to learn that they were not professional pastry chefs. They were just regular folks from all walks of life that simply love to bake. Because I love people, once I learned more about them it wasn’t long before I was invested in their weekly triumphs and challenges. Now, I too, am hooked on the show.

We enjoyed the next season together, and then the show made a few changes going into their 2017 Season. The show changed networks in the UK, and out of loyalty to the BBC, one of the judges didn’t return, nor did the two comedians who were presenters. I was skeptical about these changes because I had become quite fond of the original cast members. One of the new presenters, Noel Fielding, seemed a bit odd and not a good fit for the show in my opinion. However, since I thoroughly enjoyed the previous season and a half, I gave the newcomers a chance. I’m so glad I did! We are now watching the 2018 Season, and Noel has become my favorite part of the show.

One baker seems to consistently keep her cool while the other contestants freak out about the difficult baking challenges. Noel observed this quality in her, and in one episode, casually predicted one day she would snap under the pressure and burn the tent to the ground. It was so unexpected she immediately cracked a smile and began laughing. In another episode, one contestant was having a particularly difficult time molding her chocolate. Noel stopped by her station to ask if there was anything he could do to help. When she said no, he spontaneously started drawing a cartoon cat on her recipe paper saying this should help. When she looked at his drawing, she burst out laughing. He had added a word bubble coming from the cat with a four-letter expletive which probably summed up how she was feeling. The previous presenters were entertaining, but they didn’t make me laugh out loud as Noel regularly does, nor did they dress up like Marie Antoinette for Cake Week. (Oh yes he did!)

After that incident, my partner observed that I had significantly changed my tune about Noel since the previous season. He was correct. It was a powerful reminder for me to be open to change. We so often resist change because we fear what comes next will be worse than what we have. Sadly, that kind of thinking can keep us stuck and prevent us from a life beyond our wildest dreams. If I truly believe the Universe is always conspiring for our greatest good, why would I doubt that what comes next will be better? I ran across an explanation for this in A Course in Miracles recently that stopped me in my tracks:

Change is always fearful to the separated, because they cannot conceive of it as a move towards healing the separation. They always perceive it as a move toward further separation, because the separation was their first experience of change. You believe that if you allow no change to enter into your ego you will find peace.  T-4.I.2:2-4

Said another way, don’t rock the boat. The last time the boat rocked someone fell in! If we just keep everything the same, no one will get hurt. Of course, this isn’t true or possible. Things are always changing here in the world of form. This lesson and this quote help me to have faith that what we are currently witnessing is the end of an old paradigm and the birth of a new world that works for all of us, not just some of us. With acceptance, right-action, and love as our guide, things really will get better.

Are you ready for a change but find yourself afraid to take the first step? I would be honored to assist you with a series of Life Coaching sessions or a private Family Constellations session. Both can uncover unconscious obstacles to the very thing you are wanting to experience. And thanks to the miracle of technology, all sessions can be done with a computer, tablet, or telephone from anywhere in the world. For more information or to book a session, please look around my website or send me an email. 

Until next time, may you allow the winds of change to bless your life abundantly and carry you to a greater experience of peace, love, and joy.

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