Lessons from an Octopus

This week I learned some life lessons from an octopus without ever getting wet. If you haven’t heard about it yet, there’s a new documentary making a splash on Netflix called “My Octopus Teacher.” If you have access to Netflix, I highly recommend this film. If you don’t, it might be worth subscribing for a month. To start with, the cinematography is absolutely breathtaking. I truly felt like I was with the filmmakers in the underwater world off the coast of South Africa. Against this stunning backdrop, a beautiful story of trust and connection unfolds. 

The film begins with Craig Foster, the film’s narrator, questioning his place in the world after becoming disillusioned with life. He moves back to his hometown in South Africa and begins free-diving in the cold waters off the cape. Things start to shift when he witnesses an unusual behavior exhibited by a common octopus living in a kelp forest. One of the most heartwarming scenes occurs early in the film when Craig gains the trust of this magnificent sea creature. After spending many days watching her, he feels guided to reach out his hand to the octopus in her den. Slowly, she extends one of her tentacles and touches his fingers. It is such a beautiful example of what’s possible when we take time to build trust with another while our intention is only to learn and join. Couldn’t we use more of that right now?

By literally immersing himself in her world every day for a year, not only did Craig learn a great deal about octopus behavior, but he also became keenly aware of how everything is connected in the fabric of life. This gave him a deeper understanding that he too is part of that fabric. As difficult as it must have been, Craig chooses not to interfere during some tense moments with his new friend. By the end of the film, he is a changed man. He credits his octopus teacher with helping him open his heart and mind, thus improving his relationships with other humans and life itself. This inspiring story touched my heart and opened my mind as well. 

Could you use some assistance in improving your relationships with other humans or life itself? I’m no octopus, but I have been learning, practicing, and teaching the heart-opening principles of oneness found in A Course in Miracles for over thirteen years. It would be my great honor to assist you with a series of Life Coaching sessions or a private Family Constellations session. Both can help you see things from a new perspective without spending a year underwater with an octopus. Please look around my website or send me an email for more information and to schedule a session.

Until next time, may you be open to learn from all the teachers that appear in your life. 

Understanding is appreciation, because what you understand you can identify with, and by making it part of you, you have accepted it with love. 

A Course in Miracles – T-7.V.9.4

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