We all have causes that are near and dear to our hearts. It’s no secret how much I love the ocean, so in 2010 when the BP oil spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico, my peace was deeply disturbed. Thinking about all the marine life that would be impacted as gallons of oil gushed into the ocean was beyond upsetting. It didn’t take long before my thoughts turned to anger and blame. Luckily, I had been studying A Course in Miracles for a few years so I knew those thoughts were not helpful. But what could I do to help?

At that time, I hosted monthly full moon gatherings at the beach. Each of these gatherings had a unique intention, so that month I decided to ask the group to channel the power of our hearts and minds to send peace and love, not anger and fear, to the Gulf of Mexico. We visualized the whole area immersed in light and welcomed inspired ideas and creative solutions into the minds of all those working to cap the leak and clean up the water. I remember sharing with the group how sending angry, fearful energy to the situation would be like pouring gasoline on a wildfire. Those lower vibration thoughts would not be helpful, but sending peaceful, loving thoughts would be like cool rain falling from the sky on that fire. It took several months, but the leak was eventually capped and clean-up of the water and beaches continued for years.

Why am I sharing this? I believe this same principle can be applied to the events happening in the United States lately. Sending angry, hateful thoughts to an already volatile situation will not be helpful. Please do not confuse this message with apathy or a suggestion that it’s not okay to feel angry when we see large injustices. I’m simply suggesting that inspired solutions come from a place of love and peace, not fear and anger. Last Wednesday at the Capitol Building, we saw what happens when fear and anger lead the way.

To go back to my analogy of the ocean, every time I walk along the beach I pick up any plastic that I see. I don’t do this with anger in my heart toward thoughtless humans who don’t seem to care about the environment. I do it with love in my heart for the dolphins and sea turtles. I do it because I love sitting at the beach listening to the waves roll in, but not when I’m surrounded by litter. Because I love Mother Ocean and Mother Earth, I recycle as much as I can, avoid using plastic water bottles, and bring a reusable bag to the grocery store. I could choose the same actions while being angry at everyone who leaves plastic on the beach and doesn’t recycle, but it certainly wouldn’t feel as good with all that fear and judgment in my heart.

Yes, take action. Vote. Call or write a letter to your state representative. Join a peaceful protest. Create a prayer circle. Gather under the full moon. But whatever you do, do it with love. Love for your fellow human beings, your country, and the planet. You’ll find that the results will be much more effective and your experience will be much more enjoyable. If you could use some assistance shifting from fear to love, please contact me for Life Coaching or a private Family Constellations session. Look around my website for more information.

Until next time, I encourage you to be the peaceful rain cloud instead of the angry lightning bolt that creates more fires.

It will be given you to see your brother’s worth when all you want for him is peace. And what you want for him you will receive.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-20.V.3:6

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