Here’s the Story of a Lovely Lady

This week I felt inspired to honor a lovely lady who was born on Valentine’s Day. It was quite a surreal moment that afternoon in January 2004 standing outside a room in an upscale hotel in Fort Lauderdale when Mrs. Brady answered the door in a bathrobe. Yes, it was the one and only Florence Henderson. She was starring in a variety show at the Parker Playhouse and I was there to give her a massage. My friend Kate was a production manager for the company that produced her show, so when Florence asked Kate if she knew a good massage therapist, Kate replied, “I’ve got just the guy for you!” 

I was so nervous the first time I placed my hands on Florence’s back. Even though I had been giving massages my whole life, I had never given one to a celebrity before. At that point, I had my Florida massage license for just over a year. I was still new to the profession and building my confidence. Less than a minute into the massage, Florence suddenly said, “Oh, John. You’re not just a massage therapist. You’re a healer. I can feel the heat coming out of your hands.” That comment meant the world to me coming from someone who must have had many massages during her long career in show business. It instantly put me at ease and I was able to focus on my work. I think she knew exactly what she was doing. 

That massage was the first of many. Getting to know Florence Henderson was such a blessing. She really was a lovely lady. I found her to be kind, caring, funny, and very genuine. She was also very spiritual and open-minded. Her second husband was a hypnotherapist, so we had some interesting conversations about alternative healing modalities and other “off the beaten path” topics. For instance, when I returned from my first spiritual gathering in St. Petersburg, Florida over Valentine’s Day Weekend, I told her all about meeting Max, the ancient crystal skull and the unusual stories surrounding him. I also shared some of my other mystical experiences from that weekend and she shared some of her own. How fun to be swapping “woo woo” stories with Marcia, Jan, and Cindy’s mom! 

That Valentine’s Day was Florence’s 70th birthday. She had been so kind to me, I wanted to give her a birthday gift, but what do you give a 70s TV icon for her birthday? Luckily, that was the same weekend I met my rose quartz family and learned that rose quartz carries the frequency of unconditional love and compassion. I felt inspired to give her some of the tiny pink stones and tell her how my new friends were using them to connect with each other and the planet through unconditional love. Given the conversations we had, it felt like the perfect gift. 

It seems appropriate that Florence was born on the day we celebrate love, and laid her body aside on the day we celebrate gratitude. She died unexpectedly on Thanksgiving Day in 2016. Birthday blessings of love and gratitude to you, Florence, from all of us who were touched by your kindness. You will live on in our hearts and in that top center box of The Brady Bunch opening theme song forever.

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Until next time, I invite you to follow Florence Henderson’s example by practicing kindness wherever you go.

Love waits on welcome, not on time…

A Course in Miracles ~ T-13.VII.9:7

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