An Ironic Miracle

As you probably already know, a severe winter storm passed through the southern part of the country last week causing extensive damage to the power grid here in Texas. Since these low temperatures are rare in Houston, many uninsulated pipes burst in homes across the city. We did our best to prevent that from happening in our home, but alas a pipe along the exterior wall of our garage eventually succumbed to the pressure. (I know a lot of you can relate both literally and figuratively.) When water service returned a few days after the storm, my partner Michael noticed a large puddle of water forming in front of our garage.

What made the situation even more troubling is that despite many searches, we could not find the main water shut-off valve to our house. Michael found the shut-off valves for the other two homes in our development, but not the one for ours. Water continued to leak into our driveway, not like a fire hydrant, but as if someone left the water running slowly in a faucet. It wasn’t critical, but it was enough to take away our peace. Even if we could get a plumber to our house, (the odds at this point were similar to picking the winning Power Ball numbers given the demand across the city) we would need the water turned off before the pipe could be fixed. Ironically, the most famous plumber in Houston happens to be named John Moore. Anyone who watches television in Houston can probably sing the catchy jingle, “Call John. Get Moore.” We called, and the first available appointment was the second week of March!

I remembered seeing on the local news that the city of Houston set up a helpline for customers in our situation. They were utilizing meter readers to help homeowners like us shut off their water. After thirty minutes on hold, I finally spoke to a kind customer service agent who added our name and address to “the list.” As I type this a week later, we have yet to see someone from the city. Houston is the fourth-most populous city in the United States, so I’m guessing it was a really long list!

I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent human being, but my search in the garage, the attic near the water heater, and the perimeter of the house turned up nothing that looked like the main water shut-off valve. I started to berate myself, but then remembered to ask Spirit for help to see this situation differently. As always happens, a new thought occurred to me in that moment. Despite sharing his name, this John Moore is most definitely not a plumbing expert. Therefore, I do not have years of experience finding water shut-off valves. 

What I do have years of experience in is finding repeating patterns in family systems while listening to people’s stories during Family Constellations. In fact, over the past eight years, I’d say I’ve become quite good at it. Can the other John Moore say that? Probably not! So there was no need to berate myself for my lack of plumbing knowledge. Everyone has unique skills and talents. When I let go of the thought that I should know how to find a main water shut-off valve, peace returned. That shift in perception from fear to love is all I needed to experience a miracle.

Meanwhile, Michael, who I also consider to be a reasonably intelligent human being, (an extremely intelligent human being if he’s reading this) was not able to find the valve either. He also tried several other avenues to secure a plumber with no luck. Feeling helpless and frustrated, Michael made a series of bold choices. After a daring operation to remove the soaked drywall, he assessed the situation before taking a desperate trip to Home Depot for coveted plumbing supplies. Upon his return, he made a valiant but unsuccessful attempt to stop the leak with a ridiculous amount of duct tape while cutting up his hands pretty badly. Once he also surrendered to the fact that he wasn’t a plumber, he had an inspired idea.

Earlier in the year, we hired a handyman named Walter to repair a leak in our roof. Due to the elusive nature of the leak, the project spanned for several weeks. This allowed us to develop an amicable relationship with Walter and Megan, the woman at the company who dispatched him. A misdirected text message to Megan added to the fun. Since Walter did a great job, Michael thought maybe he could help us with this leak too. He contacted Megan, and Walter generously agreed to stop by our house around 4 PM before going home for the day. After resigning ourselves to the fact that it may take weeks to get a plumber, to say we were grateful doesn’t begin to cover it. 

We were a bit concerned when Walter didn’t arrive until after 6 PM, but he kept his promise and didn’t abandon us. Not only did he find the main shut-off valve hiding in some bushes, but he was able to put a temporary fix on our leaking pipe restoring water pressure to our home! That was definitely above and beyond the call of duty after what I’m sure was an extremely long day and week for him. Once again, we experienced a shift from fear to love, a miracle born out of gratitude and nurturing a relationship. Bless you, Walter and Megan!

I may not be able to help you find the main water shut-off valve at your house, but I would be honored to help you see the hidden dynamics and repeating patterns in your family that are keeping you from the happy, healthy, prosperous life you were meant to live. Please join me on Zoom for an upcoming Virtual Family Constellations Workshop, or visit my website to book a private session. You will be amazed by what happens during these transformational sessions. I look forward to sharing the experience with you.

Until next time, may love and water continue to flow freely into your life. 

Miracles represent freedom from fear. 

A miracle is a correction introduced into false thinking by me.

Miracle Principle 26 & 37 from A Course in Miracles

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