Mission: Impossible Burger

There were many magical things about my recent visit to Disney World, but the two magical things I want to talk about here are the Skyliner and the Impossible Burger. The Skyliner is a new mode of transportation that carries guests in an enclosed vehicle high in the sky from some of Disney’s newer resorts directly to two of the theme parks. Not only do they look fun  with their assortment of bright colors and decals made to look like beloved Disney characters are riding inside, but they are extremely fun to ride. The 360-degree view from up there is spectacular. They are also quick, clean, and quiet. We were whisked from the station at our hotel to the front entrance of Disney’s Hollywood Studios in about ten minutes. It was so cool! 

As a vegetarian, I was also very happy that a plant-based burger called the “Impossible Burger” is now available at most food service locations. What I wasn’t happy about is the fact that the quick-service restaurant at our hotel closed at 10 PM when we hadn’t had time to get dinner at the park. Our turn to ride the latest and greatest Star Wars attraction, “Rise of the Resistance,” didn’t happen until just before the park closed at 9 PM. We thought we’d be back at the hotel way before 10, but once our boarding group was called, we still waited another 45 minutes before getting on the actual ride. Although the Skyliner is quick, it did not travel back in time to get us to the hotel before the restaurant closed.

On the ride back, we checked the Disney app and discovered the restaurant in the resort next to ours was open until 11 PM. The Skyliner could get us from one resort station to the other in about 5 minutes. However, there was one big concern. The Skyliner stopped running at 10:30. It was already 8 minutes past 10 when we arrived at our station. Could we make it over to the other resort, find the food court, order burgers, pay for them, and make it back in 22 minutes? The thought of potato chips from the vending machine for dinner was enough to help us make our decision. We decided to go for it! Cue the theme song from the old TV show “Mission: Impossible!” Dunt. Dunt. DUNT. Dunt. Dunt. Dunt. DUNT. Dunt…

My friend Carrie and I hopped on the Skyliner at 10:09 at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. During our peaceful ride through the darkness, we discussed our options for getting back to our hotel if we didn’t make it to the Skyliner station by 10:30. If Disney buses were still running, that was one possibility. Calling a Lyft or an Uber was another option. We could always walk, but after a long day in a theme park, that option sounded grueling. There wasn’t much time to ponder this because we soon arrived at the Skyliner station at the Pop Century Resort. We disembarked at 10:15 and were off and running. Well, not quite running, but walking briskly passed giant bowling pins and yo yo’s that served as icons letting guests know which Pop Century their building was themed after. We were shocked by how many families were still frolicking in the pool at that time of night. It was packed!

Luckily, there were not as many people in the food court. We walked right up to the counter, ordered burgers “to go,” grabbed drinks from the cooler, and walked right up to the cashier to pay. After a quick stop at the condiment station for ketchup, mustard, and napkins, we were off on another mad dash past giant Play-Doh cans toward the Skyliner station. What a relief to arrive at 10:26! Why did we rush? We had 4 minutes to spare! As you can imagine, there were two very grateful but tired occupants with burgers and fries traveling over the wetlands between the two resorts that night. As soon as we disembarked, we noticed that the Skyliner cars stopped. Apparently, we were the last two riders of the day.

The magical and miraculous thing about this experience was not the fact that we made it back to the station in time, although that certainly was a shift from fear to love. I’m grateful for the miracle of keeping the focus on what we wanted (the food!) and not getting sidetracked by the voice of fear asking, “What happens if you get stuck there?” Instead of trying to solve problems that hadn’t happened yet, Carrie and I made the best decision we could at the time and trusted that we would simply make another decision if we needed to. Had we debated at the station for even 4 minutes, we would have missed the easy return ride. It was a powerful lesson in trust, staying focused, and not letting the voice of fear (the ego) distract us from our goal. Mission: Impossible Burger was a success!

Has the voice of fear kept you from taking a chance on something you truly desire? It would be my great honor to be your spiritual “Skyliner” lifting you up above your current conditions and helping you reach your destination. Please consider giving yourself the gift of a series of Life Coaching sessions or a private Family Constellations session. For more information about both of these opportunities, please visit those pages on my website. To schedule a session, simply send me an email

Until next time, may life carry you to every destination with ease and grace.

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

~ Mark Twain

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