Oasis in a Warehouse

Last week, there was an empty spot on the shelf at Target where the “Beyond Sausage” should be. In the past when this happened, I have asked a friendly Target employee to check to see if there were any more packages of my favorite plant-based sausage in the stock room. On this particular night, I was a bit tired, and there was no employee in sight. Although it is less expensive to buy this product at Target, I decided it was not worth the energy to search for an employee, so I went home. The next day, while doing my regular grocery shopping, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a plethora of “Beyond Sausage” in the frozen case at Publix, and it was “buy one, get one free.” Score!

Later that day, I planned to visit the IKEA store in Tampa to purchase a second white cubicle shelving unit to match the one I had already purchased in December. Two of these units would fill my workspace nicely and give me more room to store things. When I checked the inventory on the website, it said the item was “low stock” but not “out of stock.” When I arrived about an hour later, I went directly to the area in the customer warehouse where I picked up the first one. I found stacks of boxes containing grey and black versions of the shelving unit, but no white ones. I scoured the piles of boxes for about 15-20 minutes determined to find a white one hiding amongst the others. Sadly, there were none to be found. 

I finally surrendered and continued browsing the warehouse to see if anything else caught my eye. I found two end tables that might work with my decor, so I put them on a cart and made my way to the checkout area. As I approached the self-checkout area, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A display of white cubicle shelving units appeared in the distance like an oasis in the desert to a thirsty traveler. No, it wasn’t a mirage. The same elusive item I had been searching for minutes ago was there on display. To my delight, this one had two boxes left on the pallet next to it. I scooped one up and put it on my cart as if I had just unearthed buried treasure. With current supply chain issues, I was extremely grateful to find another one without having to wait months for another shipment.

These two incidents occurring on the same day felt like Life making sure I didn’t miss two powerful lessons. Like the sausage, it was “buy one lesson, get one free!” The first lesson I have learned many times, but apparently, I needed to learn it again. When I stop putting so much effort into finding something I desire and simply live my life, that’s when it usually shows up. I’m not suggesting sitting on your couch and waiting for things to come to you. (Although Amazon and DoorDash make that easier these days.) We still have to do our part. Since I wanted an item that only IKEA sells, obviously I had to drive 60 miles north to the closest IKEA store. But my obsessive search of the original stacks of boxes did not yield the result I wanted. However, as soon as I surrendered, the shelving unit magically appeared right in front of me!

The second lesson goes hand in hand with the first. Release the need to make it difficult. If there is an easy way to accomplish a goal and a hard way, many of us choose the hard way without ever considering there might be an alternative. And we suffer greatly because of it. I’m not saying life will never be challenging, but so many of our challenges are self-inflicted. We set unrealistic goals or make choices based on what we think we “should” do instead of what makes the most sense. (See last week’s story about The Should Shed.) If we take a moment to examine the path ahead of us or consult someone who is skilled in this area, we may discover another way that is more efficient and feels much more peaceful. When I stopped thinking I “should” find a Target employee and honored the fact that I really just wanted to go home, the rewards were better than I could have anticipated.  

This week, I encourage you to examine some of your tasks that feel heavy and ask if there might be an easier way to accomplish the same goals. I also invite you to ease up on your search for that elusive desire and allow some space for it to be revealed in a miraculous way. If you could use some assistance, please consider giving yourself the gift of a series of Spiritual Coaching Sessions or a private Family Constellations Session. Both can help you stop spinning your wheels and get your life moving again on a peaceful path. For more information or to book a session, please visit my website or send me an email.

Until next time, may you release the need to make it difficult, go with the flow of Life, and enjoy how much easier it can be.

Nothing you undertake with certain purpose and high resolve and happy confidence, holding your brother’s hand and keeping step to Heaven’s song, is difficult to do.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-26.V.2:5

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