A Miracle Mom Story

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and as some of you know, I had quite a challenging journey of healing with mine. This photo of us was taken at her 80th birthday party in front of an old Olan Mills photo taken when I was ten years old. I see our soul contract in the knowing look we gave each other as if we are saying, “Here we go again! Let’s get it right this time and choose unconditional love.” I’m happy to say I think we did it!.

Rather than write about it, I thought it might be more helpful to hear me talk about it with the hosts of the Miracle Voices podcast. In February, I was a guest on this podcast which features stories of forgiveness from the perspective of A Course in Miracles. If you’d like to hear how we came to a place of understanding and peace before she passed in 2011, check out Miracle Voices Episode 43 – “Seeing All Relationships as Perfect.” 

You can listen on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, or at MiracleVoices.org. Let me know if you can relate to the stories I shared. After almost 9 years of facilitating Family Constellations, I have learned that our stories are much more similar than they are different. If you’d like some assistance healing the relationship with your mom, I’d be honored to assist you with a Private Family Constellations session or a series of Spiritual Coaching Sessions. Look around my website for more information or click here to book a session.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this and to all those who have taken on the role of mom in some capacity. I honor and bless you for all the ways you extend love.

With love in you, you have no need except to extend it.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-15.V.11:3

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