Flying Without a Net

“Honey, you’re really flying without a net.” This is one of the best compliments I have ever received about my work with Family Constellations. It meant a lot to me because it came from my dear friend, Maggie Cole, who has been facilitating healing workshops for decades. I understood her comment to mean it requires an extreme amount of trust on my part to allow a constellation to unfold without me knowing where it will go or how it will end up. This aspect of constellation work has been quite beneficial in helping me translate that kind of faith into my everyday life. Some days more than others!

I recently had another opportunity to “fly without a net” when my friend Dorena, the Space Doula, asked me to present a 60-minute experience of Family Constellations on Zoom to her “Love Story” subscription service. We had several conversations about what I would share during that hour since I had been a guest before. Instead of covering similar material or trying to predetermine what theme or exercise to facilitate with the group, we decided to wait and see what people brought to the table. After a brief introduction, I asked the participants to write in the chat things that are trying to take away their peace in this moment. 

Once a few themes emerged, I assigned roles to each one of the participants using numbers to designate their challenges as well as possible solutions. No one knew who or what they were representing. They were simply asked to share what they were feeling and how they felt about the other numbers. The results were mind-blowing! Honestly, after 9 years of facilitating this work, I shouldn’t be surprised, yet I am still in awe every single time.  

After everyone had a chance to share, I revealed who or what each person represented. I gave them a moment to absorb and integrate what they had said and how powerfully accurate and insightful it was. Then, I guided them in some conversations to acknowledge what was troubling them (ie: the lingering COVID-19 Pandemic), release what no longer serves, and then offered steps to move forward with joy and harmony. This process produced many tears and “aha” moments.

I hadn’t done something like that on Zoom before, so I underestimated how long it would take. Thankfully, the participants were able to stay online for an extra 25 minutes. Because we ran over our time, I did not have a chance to check in with everyone before the meeting ended. I closed our time together with the grounding and clearing visualization that I share at the end of every Family Constellations workshop, and advised them to be gentle with themselves for the rest of the evening. We let them know to contact Dorena or me with any questions, and then ended the meeting. 

With no opportunity for feedback, I wasn’t sure how the experience had landed. I hoped and trusted that it was beneficial. Well, I got my answer the following day when Dorena started sharing the positive feedback she received from the participants and those who watched the replay. It seems that being in the moment and flying without a net was exactly what was needed. What a wonderful reminder to do that more often in the rest of my life!

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Until next time, may you trust the process and remember that Life itself is supporting you. 

The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength.

A Course in Miracles ~ WB-48.3:1

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