A Da Vinci Coded Message

I had a wonderful time visiting beloved friends near Asheville, NC last week for Thanksgiving. On Tuesday, we took a fun day trip to the Biltmore Estate to see an exhibit called “Leonardo Da Vinci – 500 Years of Genius.” What an experience! 

The exhibit was comprised of two parts. The first was a large room filled with replicas of some of Da Vinci’s most famous paintings and life-sized models of some of the inventions he illustrated in his notebooks. After seeing so many visionary ideas on display in one place, it amazed me to learn that Da Vinci’s genius was not recognized during his lifetime. What a great reminder not to measure success or creativity based on the opinions of others!

The other part of the exhibit was a 32-minute immersive theatrical presentation. Guests walked into a large room as images of Da Vinci’s work danced across the walls and floor in every direction. Sweeping orchestral and chorale music accompanied the images while some of Da Vinci’s most famous quotes appeared on certain screens. It truly felt like we were transported inside his imagination. The experience was so captivating, we stayed and watched it a second time.

My favorite part was when a choir of angelic voices began singing as images of Da Vinci’s angel paintings floated around the room. The quote that appeared on the screen said, “I wish to work miracles.” The combination of this quote with ethereal images and music sent tingles through my body. It was one of those holy moments when my heart overflowed with gratitude to be exactly where I was with people I love. For those who live near or will be traveling to Asheville, I highly recommend this exhibit!

Having just celebrated Thanksgiving last week here in the United States, my wish for you is to experience many moments that fill your heart with gratitude for being right where you are. If you’d like some assistance in feeling more joy, gratitude, and contentment in your life, let’s work miracles together! Look around my website for information on Spiritual Coaching, Family Constellations, or my weekly online A Course in Miracles study group. While there, you can also book a session or purchase a gift certificate for someone you love. 

Until next time, may angels and miracles surround you each and every day this holiday season…

Gratitude goes hand in hand with love, and where one is the other must be found.

A Course in Miracles ~ W.195.10:2

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