Untying the Knot

A relaxing day on the lake with my sister after untying some knots!

One of the blessings I experienced this summer was an impromptu visit to see my sister in Pennsylvania. She lives near a beautiful lake in the Pocono Mountains. We love to take her boat out on the lake, drop anchor somewhere in a secluded alcove, and let the motion of the waves gently rock away our cares and worries. We find it both relaxing and therapeutic. 

Before we switched to “sloth mode” on our second lake day, there was a task that needed our attention. Two of the boat’s bumpers had broken off on the previous day. Luckily, we were able to retrieve them before they floated away with our cares and worries. But now they needed to be attached to new ropes, which meant untying the knots that kept them secure on the old ropes. 

If you have ever worked with nylon rope, or any kind of knot, for that matter, you know it can take patience and perseverance to get them undone. We tug and pull wherever we can get a decent grip, but often it seems like nothing is happening. And then, without warning, there’s a subtle movement. A tiny space is created where once there was none. The knot begins to loosen. Soon, it fully surrenders and the rope is released!

This is exactly what happened with those bumper knots. Since they were tied tightly for so long, I had moments of doubt they would ever come loose. Persistent work despite no apparent results paid off. Eventually, the knots came loose and we attached the bumpers to the new ropes with new knots. 

It reminded me of a great metaphor I heard on the Miracle Voices podcast a while back. One of the hosts compared practicing forgiveness to untying a knot. We may work on releasing a grievance for a long time, but it seems like nothing is changing. But if we continue to extend love and compassion towards the person or situation that seems to be taking away our peace, something happens. One day, we realize the anger or resentment we had toward that person or situation simply isn’t there. 

This doesn’t mean the person has apologized or their behavior has changed, but sometimes it does. It doesn’t mean the situation has shifted, but sometimes it can. What has shifted is my perception. I am different. The person or situation simply doesn’t elicit the same hurt feelings in me. The charge is gone and peace has returned. And that’s the miracle!

If you could use some assistance in untying a particularly tricky knot, please don’t hesitate to contact me. A series of Spiritual Coaching sessions might be just the thing to help you shift your perspective. Or perhaps that knot is tied to old family patterns or generational trauma. A private Family Constellations session can help reveal and heal whatever is keeping you stuck. Please look around my website for more information about both of these opportunities or book an appointment with my automated scheduler. Sessions can be done virtually from anywhere in the world. I look forward to helping you untie those knots! 

A miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have not even met, and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you are not even aware.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-1.I.45:1-2

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