Love, Gratitude, and Healing

It made my heart happy to be in 3D with these mighty companions from our weekly online ACIM Study Group.

My heart was overflowing with love and gratitude as I sat in Hobby Airport on Monday waiting to board my flight back to Florida. The five days I spent in Houston were filled with joyful reconnections and lots of healing. A big thank you to all those with whom I got to share Family Constellations at the Sunday workshop and in private sessions throughout the week. And thank you to those who made time to share a meal, a tea, or a walk with me. I’m still basking in the glow of all that loving, healing energy!

This was the first time I had been back to Houston since my departure in June of 2021. As some of you know, I lived there for just over three years. It’s a great city with lots to offer and lots of wonderful people, but despite my best efforts, it simply never felt like home. Before I left, I went up to the rooftop deck overlooking the downtown skyline and spoke these words to the city of Houston. 

“Dear, Houston. Thank you for the blessings I experienced here. Thank you for all the lasting friendships I made and all the kindness the people of Houston have shown me. Thank you for the many opportunities you provided to introduce more people to the powerful healing of Family Constellations and A Course in Miracles. I also thank you for the life lessons and even the difficult times that helped me gain clarity on what I want and where I belong.” 

Then I gave Houston a deep bow as I said, “And now I release you with love and gratitude.” 

This is one of the most helpful practices I have learned from Family Constellations over the last 11 years. If you find yourself leaving a place, a job, or a relationship, I highly recommend making time to do this simple but powerful ritual. When you acknowledge what happened for the blessings and the lessons it provided, you free yourself from the gravitational pull that can keep you stuck and looking backward. Once you release it with love, you can turn around, face the future, and start moving forward to your destiny.

True, it’s not always easy when a situation has been going on for many years and we feel hurt and angry. Eventually, there will come a day when you are able to acknowledge what was and accept that it was just part of your journey. That timeline is different for everyone, so there’s no need to feel bad if you aren’t there yet. The day will come when you are ready, willing, and able. Until then, please be gentle with yourself and know it is a process. 

I’m pretty sure the experience I had in Houston last week would not have been possible had I not practiced what I preach. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say I received more hugs in the last 5 days than I have received in the last 5 months! My soul battery is fully recharged and I thank everyone I encountered who extended their loving energy. Every step of this trip felt Spirit-guided, and I am extremely grateful for the healing I received by following that guidance.

If you are having a difficult time escaping the gravitational pull of a challenging situation, I would be honored to assist you with a private Family Constellations Session or a series of Spiritual Coaching Sessions. Both can assist that shift in perception from fear to love allowing you to experience more peace and joy in your life. Thanks to technology, sessions can be done from anywhere in the world. Please look around my website for more information and to book a session. I look forward to creating miracles with you! 

Gratitude goes hand in hand with love, and where one is the other must be found.

A Course in Miracles ~ W-195.10:2

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