A Chorus of Grateful Frogs

What a relief to see and hear rain falling again here on the west coast of Florida after so many weeks without it. We had a powerful thunderstorm early Monday morning, and then it began to rain again after sunset. It was interesting to observe how the rain both calmed and uplifted my spirit simultaneously.

That night, as the gentle rain continued to fall, a chorus of frogs began to croak. I imagined they were singing a song of gratitude for their little pond being replenished. This is the first time I’ve heard frogs since I moved here, and wow, were they loud! It gave the evening a mystical quality, like being in the middle of a rainforest.

With more rain in the forecast the following morning, I woke up early hoping to get my walk in before it started. No such luck. As soon as I began walking, the clouds rolled in and a few water droplets fell from the sky. Ten minutes into my walk, it was lightly raining, but not a torrential downpour. 

It was a moment of decision. I could abandon my walk, run back to my car, and spare myself from getting wetter. Or I could keep going, but if the skies opened up while I traversed the bridge over Sarasota Bay, the only way back was to cross that bridge again. There was a distinct possibility that I would be completely drenched before getting back to my car. 

Play it safe or take a chance? Isn’t this a question we ask ourselves in some way, shape, or form all the time?

My desire to move my body was stronger than my desire to stay dry, so I kept walking across the bridge. Gratefully, the rain never got too intense. Yes, I got wet. But I actually enjoyed feeling the rain on my skin after the long dry spell we’ve had.

My ridiculously wide-brimmed sun protection hat blocked most of the rain from my head and face so my AirPods stayed dry. I decided to leave my phone in my pocket to keep it as dry as possible. I asked Siri to play my favorite Dance Music playlist so I wouldn’t have to take out my phone. Songs from this playlist always put a little pep in my step. 

Unfortunately, Siri misheard me and played Dance Songs 6 instead of Dance Songs 8. (Yes, I have quite a few different dance music playlists.) Rather than fight it, I decided to surrender and listen to Playlist 6. I rarely listen to this one, so it was fun to hear songs I hadn’t heard in many years! It also brought back a few fun memories.

In many ways, this was not the walk I had envisioned, but it turned out quite nicely. The rain let up by the time I crossed the bridge a second time, and completely stopped for my favorite 15 minutes at the end where the path is closest to the water. I’m so grateful I made the choice to keep going even though the conditions were not ideal. I would have missed out on the exercise and the memories. 

It was a good reminder that life is not always blue skies and sunshine when I want it to be. When challenges arise, I’ve learned it’s best to pause and take a moment to assess the situation. How do I want to feel? What choice will move me in that direction? In this case, I would have been more disappointed not getting exercise than getting wet.

I realize missing a morning walk is not a big deal, but I have practiced these same steps during much more challenging times with surprisingly peaceful results. Sometimes the guidance is to keep going. Sometimes it’s best to try another path. Here’s the good news. Neither is wrong. They are just choices. And you can always make another one! 

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Until next time, I’ll be walking with you in spirit and in the rain…

Think about the kind of day you want, and tell yourself there is a way in which this very day can happen just like that.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-30.I.1:8

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