Bursts of Light in the Sky

Last week, here in the U.S. we celebrated Independence Day with fireworks displays all around the country. Several years ago, a visualization dropped into my mind that has enhanced my experience of fireworks ever since. I felt inspired to share it with you here in hopes that it will enhance your experience too. 

It’s very simple. Whenever I watch a fireworks display, I imagine that each burst of color in the sky lights up the heart of someone somewhere on the planet who is experiencing darkness, sadness, or suffering. With all the sad news happening around the world these days, extending light and joy is more important than ever. And since we are all connected, I know it has an effect. If nothing else, it has one on me. 

The 4th of July has passed, but I invite you to try it the next time you see fireworks. Notice how you feel when you have this intention. I especially love the grand finale when the bursts of light explode so rapidly and consistently that there is no possible way to count them all. As the sky fills with light and color, I am filled with gratitude thinking about all the hearts being touched. It’s a powerful image that often makes my eyes well up with tears.

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The power of one mind can shine into another, because all the lamps of God were lit by the same spark.

A Course in Miracles ~ T-10.IV.7:5

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