I am deeply honored and humbled by what my clients have shared about their experience with my Life Coaching and Family Constellations Sessions. If you’re ready to experience a shift, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Family Constellations Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you for your Family Constellations Workshop earlier this month. It was amazing! I had no idea what to expect going into the session, and I was blown away by all of the beautiful connections and realizations that came to light. I felt a strong connection to my loved ones who’ve passed throughout the session, and it was extremely healing. You do an incredible job at keeping all of the puzzle pieces straight and guiding the session. I loved it! Thank you so much, John.

Danielle ~ Cincinatti, OH

Thank you, dear John, for your love, light, and guidance. The experience was life-changing.

Sudie ~ Sedona, AZ

I can’t say enough about my Family Constellation experience with John. His intuition and ability to create sacred space for a group are beyond phenomenal. I’m still in awe of the impact it had on my life. The most amazing thing is that it highlighted an issue in my own life that I wasn’t aware of until I was selected as a representative for someone else’s family. And MORE importantly, the relationship with my daughter changed the day after the constellation. It felt like magic! Prior to the constellation, the conversations with my daughter had become perfunctory and less frequent. But literally the day after the constellation, she called and asked if she could call every day. Since then, we’ve had the most heartfelt and connected conversations that I could imagine.

Dorena ~ Raleigh, NC

Dear John. The day after our session I awoke and felt very happy and “light” as if the heaviness I didn’t realize I was carrying had been taken away from me. It was a GREAT feeling. You are doing wonderful and amazing things and I benefited from my time working with you.

Claudia ~ Richmond, VA

Spiritual Coaching Testimonials

I felt a connection to John from the moment we spoke. He brings you laughter, as well as tears, and so much growth. I felt very open and able to let myself be guided in meditation and our sessions always had flow. I was able to touch on parts of my life that I had forgotten and buried. Things I needed to bring out and let go. Our work brought me to a place where I was able to let go, as well as continue using the tools I learned to continue letting go. John is loving, genuine, nonjudgmental, enlightened, as well as enlightening. He is a wonderful teacher and mentor. I urge anyone to take the time for themselves to work with John. You will be very happy with the outcome. John IS what Love would do.

Kate ~ San Diego, CA

Thank you, John, for a joyful and insightful coaching session. And for the miracles that took place as soon as I booked it! Your loving presence, helpful questions and guided meditation were exactly what I needed at this point in my healing journey. I am so grateful Holy Spirit led me to you!

Alice ~ New York City, NY

When I began the Pathway to Peace with John, I didn’t realize it was at the beginning of one of the most difficult times of my life. What I learned with him gave me the tools, support and compassion I needed to go through everything that was thrown at me and come out stronger than I could imagine. Not only did I survive, but I grew leaps and bounds in the process. It was so nice knowing I had that supportive, non-judgmental one hour phone call to look forward to each week with John. I would encourage anyone seeking growth to talk to John. After just a moment of talking to him, you will feel his warmth and support. What a great experience!

Ana ~ Orlando, FL

Brilliant. Epic. Marvelous. Insightful. Zen. Thank you! I felt an immediate shift during our session. I am grateful.

Sue ~ Houston, TX

The Universe brought John and me together via synchronicity at a time when I was profoundly unhappy with myself and my life. When I met John, I recognized immediately that he vibrates from a soul energy full of wisdom through experience and compassion for humankind.

He gently guided me, session after session, to go within and reconnect with my authentic self, which as it turns out, is a big heart with an overzealous ego! He shared tools (including Family Constellations techniques) to help me move from that ego voice of judgment to forgiveness (even for myself!) while reminding me of my connection to the oneness.

I am well on my way to living my highest joyful life in my relationships and in my life’s purpose because of my work with John. His Spiritual Coaching and session-ending meditations brought me to a state of stillness and divinity I have not lived in a long time. I am so grateful!

Donna D. ~ North Port, FL