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Clear is Kind

I’m so grateful to my friend Tricia for inviting me to attend a benefit last week where Brené Brown was speaking. Here is the biggest gem I received from her short but powerful talk on leadership and communication.

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The Game of Life

Did you play this game when you were a kid? I did. Of course, we are all playing it now. But here’s something you may not know. **SPOILER ALERT** This grown-up version is rigged so that everybody wins in the end!

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Spring Cleaning the Unconscious Mind

Spring is almost upon us. That means many of us will be tidying up our living spaces, perhaps following the advice of the petite but powerful Marie Kondo. If by chance you haven’t heard of her, Marie Kondo is a tidying expert, bestselling author, star of Netflix's hit...

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Gentle with Myself

No matter what appears to be going on in your life, please remember these loving words from my talented friend, Karen Drucker. “I will be gentle with myself. And I will hold myself like a newborn baby child.”

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What is Love?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and pink and red hearts everywhere you look, this week it felt appropriate to ask the question, “What is Love?”

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The Perfect Setup

Last Sunday my ego created the perfect setup for me to fall into a hole of anger, judgment, and frustration, but luckily I eventually remembered that it’s never too late to climb out and experience a miracle.

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Ride the Wave

Don’t let the tidal wave of your “to do” list knock you over. Just grab your surfboard and ride the wave by doing only what’s needed next!

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Listen to that Friend

I am so grateful for the books written by Gary Renard and his teachers, and for my dear friend who recommended his first book to me 12 years ago. My life has unfolded in miraculous ways since then!

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